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      Brother 1 day water fast weight loss results Jiang Fan, didn dexa 27 weight dexa 27 weight loss loss t you say you still dexa 27 weight loss need disaster relief Did you forget Wu Xiaoya asked unhappily.

      Who stipulates that being a relative of City Lord Lu must belong to the power system In the Fushen Realm, there are many people who do not belong to the three major forces Wu Yazi Swear it.

      At least I have alchemy notes. If I have the opportunity, I can learn to believe that there will be achievements.

      Uh, Huang Fu, you re not mistaken, right The boss brought a hundred people here Zhao Hui asked suspiciously, and Jiang Xiaoxie and Red And White Fat Burner Pill dexa 27 weight loss the others also looked at Huang Fu suspiciously in astonishment.

      Jiang Fan looked very funny and gloated, and Najia soil corpse suddenly worried and reminded Master, didn t you say that you should try not to use oil bombs before Why did you use it this time Will it evoke other people s associations The city dexa 27 weight loss can be used It doesn t matter, it can be dexa 27 weight loss used now.

      Brother Xu is originally the right hand man of God Lord Lu Piaoyu Fu, but God Lord Lu Piaoyu Fu has a plan, brother Xu must obey the overall situation You Shan said with emotion Dao, then describe the situation.

      Uh, so powerful What is this holy stone Jiang Fan frowned in surprise, looked at the formation, if the old 1 day water fast weight loss results Most Effective Weight Loss Pills man s words were true, there would be no dead ends, dexa 27 weight loss Weight Loss Side Effect there are more than 100,000 roots, no matter what, it is impossible to escape Master, you can dig out a deep hole with the Soul Splitting Spear immediately, and lie down in it for a while, and then release the Five Elements Mysterious Transformation Armor dexa 27 weight loss and lie on top of you to dexa 27 weight loss Weight Loss Side Effect cover it.

      I didn t find anything else road. By the way, the split body deliberately drilled hundreds of dexa 27 weight loss meters into the ground, and walked around dozens of meters and found nothing wrong Finally, the double headed split body added.

      Jiang Fan and the Najia earth corpse top 10 most effective weight loss pills used the secret skill of swimming fish in the water to swim more than 100 meters quickly and turned a corner.

      Oh You, don t be perfunctory with me. I won t blame you. You think Wu Yazi should be the same. 1 day water fast weight loss results Most Effective Weight Loss Pills I asked you to contact her.

      big. what s the situation Jiang Fan was terrified, and hurriedly said Everyone, leave quickly Before he finished speaking, the Youguang ball that had gathered into a bowl sized ball burst, and a Nether halo spread like lightning.

      She didn t even know the origin of her identity. At least she felt that it was inappropriate to be in a relationship with a man and a woman.

      To rescue disasters, maintain order in the city and prevent looting, go to the mansion to find the planted things, and don t know where the things are hidden, the mansion is so big and flooded, it is not easy to find, and we have to find a way to deal with the two coming god emperors, this is really tense.

      At this time, Sheng Lingyun, who closed his eyes, said desolately Use any tricks of the bastard, I have experienced everything, I am no longer afraid of any tricks, I am already a walking dead, nothing more than being bitten by a beast again That s all, it s just a pity that I couldn t take revenge Uh, it seems that my heart is still full of hatred, and it really is for me Jiang Fan s heart felt helpless, and he felt pity, yes, Sheng Lingyun was tortured inhumanly in the human world, but it was a coincidence, not what he wanted.

      Come together Jiang Fan immediately orlistat nursing considerations reminded through voice transmission.

      I am Meng Bumiai, the patriarch of the Monk tribe. On behalf of the what are the best diet pills in australia Monk tribe, I welcome the three of you to visit Mengcheng The thin old man nodded and smiled at 1 day water fast weight loss results the three of Jiang Fan, then bowed slightly with one hand on his chest.

      A List Of Diet Pills And How to lose weight in 4 easy steps reddit?

      Mr. what do you want the right to pass freely in the Hongcheng area Wu Meili asked a little puzzled, and Lu Beibi was also surprised to look at Jiang Fan.

      Wu Xiaoya rolled her eyes angrily and opened her mouth, but she didn t know how to refute.

      Not much damage Well, the holy stone arrow penetrates the function of the talisman, breaks through your black tombstone energy shield, and finally can shoot some marks on the Five Elements Mysterious Transformation Armor, which is a treasure of heaven and earth, and you can t escape it.

      If it can be made into a weapon to deal with those powerful runes, it will be perfect Killer weapon.

      You can continue, just be careful, the wilderness is not clean, just don t get bitten by bugs Wu Xiaoya shook off Jiang Fan s hand and quickened her pace, and without thinking, she said something that seemed to be a reminder but also an irony.

      At this time, the double headed split body beast wrapped around his waist suddenly announced the situation Master, stay with the city lord.

      Yan Shuai then hurriedly explained to Jiang Fan, Uh, boss, I was so excited that I said the wrong thing.

      How did you become your woman What s missing It s because Yi Shendi was stupid and was dazzled by the benefits.

      Yazi, Yingjiao, if you want to learn how to refine weapons, you gelatin and collagen supplements for skin tightening and weight loss have to go dexa 27 weight loss to get the treasure of refining weapons.

      Forgot to remind Jiang Fan that spells cannot be cast here. Jiang Fan was speechless when he saw it, and he didn t have what supplements help you lose weight fast time to reprimand him.

      How Much Does Transformations Medical Weight Loss Cost And What year did slim shady come out?

      Not every master of the sacred realm can be a city lord. There are many masters of the sacred realm.

      A pimple formed between Li Yingjiao s brows, and her heart was extremely depressed.

      He didn t believe it when the secret base was destroyed, but he thought there was something wrong.

      Based on the giant dexa 27 weight loss god race, put blue dragon tattoos on their bodies.

      Let me give you a high end and large capacity talisman bag, plus your own talisman bag should be enough Jiang Fan thought for a while, then took out two talisman bags obtained from the warehouse of Lu Beibi s underground facility and handed them over.

      It s a little small. How about I call Yang Jian, Monkey King, Nezha, and Jiang Xiaoxie to act together Then Jiang Fan said.

      Don t listen to the female thief s blah, you re still stubborn when you re about to die, hurry up and set fire to the heavenly sacrifice, it s very auspicious for the newlyweds Then a big family who was patronized by the female thief shouted directly.

      Master City Lord, hello, why is there keto one gummy such a big fire It s normal for floods to occur in the mansion Jiang Fan knew that he must be angry because the City Lord s Mansion was looted.

      There are not many people with a net worth of hundreds of millions here, dexa 27 weight loss but you are tens of millions and hundreds of millions.

      Uh, my wife, she s gone to check the disaster situation Lu Beibi hesitated and replied, his forehead was dexa 27 weight loss sweating.

      Jiang Fan jumped out of the car, led the talisman beast car towards the gate of the city, and was about to enter the city.

      Uh, the little one said it, master, I m sorry, I forgot it for a while, damn it, this woman is so small, I don t want to be a small one, she farts On the way, the erected yurt quickly died down.

      Unable to understand why such a secret room was created in the elder Yuwen s mansion.

      With a soft chirping sound, a big hole was pierced on Li Yingjiao red light diet pills s dexa 27 weight loss back.

      Jiang Fan was more careful this time, thinking that only the image is the strongest evidence.

      Immediately, a large group of people ran out of the mansion, cheering when they saw Wu Yazi, an old man hurried forward, looked Wu Yazi up and down and said pleasantly Miss, you are back, you are worried to death We are here Gu Butler, Skald Fat Burner Pills is my father there Wu Yazi waved to everyone and smiled authentically.

      It s broken, even the use of the Five Elements Law has been greatly restricted Jiang Fan was shocked, the scale of the mobilized wood elements was only a third of the usual weaker.

      Soon one hundred and eight people Red And White Fat Burner Pill dexa 27 weight loss from the giant god tribe walked out, carrying three barrels on their backs.

      When other people act, they will also wear blue dragon tattoos to mix in.

      Brother Fan, we will remember what you said, but there are not many of us, so we are divided into two groups, isn t it a little short handed And there will be too much property to be robbed, I m afraid we won t be able to take it away Huang Fu frowned.

      Li Yingjiao froze for a moment, then she was amused, and she was a little nervous and confused, but outsiders didn t know about the butler, so she just found an excuse to leave first, looked at the butler who couldn t move, thought for a while and asked Jiang Fan, can you slimming gummies opiniones Won t you hurt the steward Uh, this old man is actually not dexa 27 weight loss a good person Jiang Fan frowned and said, it would be difficult if he didn t hurt him.

      The power of the talisman formation should be more powerful and wonderful.

      The whole process of Jiang Fan s entry into the Yuwen Mansion is mastered by Meng Bumei.

      Wu Yazi also knew that she couldn t be persuaded for a while, so she sighed helplessly and left.

      When the time comes to take advantage, he will make a move when it is time to make a move.

      The message sent back yesterday felt strange, but at that time I don t have the time to think about it.

      That is, he has some exchanges with some guards in my residence.

      Uh, don t Miss, I ll just do it The butler was startled, his expression changed drastically, and he said Weight Loss In Buttocks And Thighs 1 day water fast weight loss results hastily.

      The two guards were shocked, and they immediately confessed and took orders.

      She screamed in fright and hurriedly pulled it with both hands, but it was too late, and Li Yingjiao s hakama was ripped off and fell down The thighs and waist look cool.

      The zinc pills for weight loss Soul You Can Do Everything Right And Still Lose dexa 27 weight loss Splitting Spear has dexa 27 weight loss the function of self recovery and repair.

      hehehe Yes, yes, the next time I throw an incendiary bomb, I have to have my share.

      I hope it won t happen again, otherwise the dexa 27 weight loss matter will be reported to my father Then Wu Yazi looked at Jiang Fan with some resentment and suggested persuasion, and secretly decided to persuade her if she had the opportunity.

      God King Youshan doesn t know the whereabouts of the golden tripod, but he has learned a way to decipher the secret of the golden tripod Jiang Fan thief broke the news.

      Eh, that s not right. Hongcheng is well managed now, but without Wu Meili, Lu Beibi can handle it as long as he follows the steps.

      Only when the primordial spirit is destroyed can you really die.

      In a day and a half, Jiang Fan harvested a lot. Under the guidance of the giant fish, he found and picked more than two hundred kinds of runic grass, which greatly enriched the planting base of runic grass in the spell world.

      Unfolded there, with six heads connected at the end. Six in one, the primordial spirit slim candy keto gummies oprah winfrey comes out of the body The double headed split body beast screamed again, and the six heads were squeezed together in an instant, and soon turned into a weird head with lumps, twelve eyes and one MindMaster dexa 27 weight loss mouth, and the primordial spirit emerged from the head Exudation hangs above the head with flashing fluorescent lights and rising heat.

      At this time, the pulp part flickered and gathered to the size of an egg.

      Jiang Fan is also true, before the major event is done, he is going to find something out of the ordinary.

      There were three words on the scroll Dan Temple. 1 day water fast weight loss results Most Effective Weight Loss Pills Pill Temple Wu Yazi read, and then suddenly thought of some doubts The one in Kama Mountain is the Artifact Temple.

      The three major forces are acting separately, are they still monitoring each other Jiang Fan asked after thinking about it.

      The thing that looks like magma is naturally not to be underestimated.

      Jiang Fan brought the Flying Winged Silver Dragon into the world of spells.

      It s nothing, if it weren t for the strange space time seal in this place, injecting energy, the Soul Splitting Spear could pierce the holy stone in one go Jiang Fan laughed.

      There are many Tu tribes in the mountains and wilderness. Hehe, it s enough for them to check it out.

      I m very busy and will go out to do valley medical weight loss franchise some errands from dexa 27 weight loss time wecovy weight loss to time.

      She didn t care about being beaten in the previous conflict, and she smiled uglier than crying Old man, how did you know that Emperor Wu is coming And how did you Do you know that Emperor Li Shendi of the White House and City Lord of Huangcheng are both coming Well, of course keto weight loss tablets this old man knows.

      They want to seek asylum and give some money for private use Najiatu The 1 day water fast weight loss results Most Effective Weight Loss Pills You Can Do Everything Right And Still Lose dexa 27 weight loss corpse hurriedly explained according to Jiang Fan s explanation.

      The two became flustered. It must be what the other party said.

      It s okay, I ll get you something to eat right away, and I ll give you a qi invigorating pill, so I ll have the strength to dictate Wu Meili frowned and said in disbelief immediately.

      The captains of the guards beside the City Lord of Huangcheng were all in the middle or late stages of the Fushen Spirit Realm, and immediately rushed up to surround the Fushen Beast and launched an attack to replace those guards.

      Uh, Old Man You and that Xu Feng are both paranoid. Although Jiang Fan disagreed very much, he would not be so stupid as to argue.

      In less than half an hour, the flying winged silver dragon, carrying Jiang Fan, met the Najia earth corpse in a valley, and the Najia earth corpse asked in confusion Master, why do you let the little one wait here, but don t continue to search MindMaster dexa 27 weight loss for the giant family Stupid, the situation has changed.

      Of course it makes sense. We, the Mengke clan, and the three major forces have agreed on reconciliation.

      Not only was he stern and selfless, he wanted to touch Elder Yuwen, but he even beat him You dare to hit my mother, you, go to hell Yuwen Yecha quickly turned remedio orlistat 120 mg para que serve into a scream after being shocked, and threw down the ribbon in his hand, and he was about to strike with his hands.

      It s hard. For example, there is a tribe called the Dwarves, who have the ability to hide from the ground.

      Cut, God King Xufeng disappeared more than 30 years ago, how can I buy it from him Li Yingjiao glanced at Jiang Fan dexa 27 weight loss and said disapprovingly.

      Wu Meili and Lu Bei were silent for a while, Jiang Fan saw that he had to add some ingredients, and took a step back and said Well, I will reveal a dexa 27 weight loss little bit to you, and you can figure it out after a while Twenty people were sent to infiltrate Huangcheng to sabotage, but they failed.

      Moreover, the strengths of all parties have also changed slightly.

      The butler rolled his eyes and said with a sinister smile It s not that I want to use your name to talk about things, the name of the master is just weird, I kindly remind you, if the Lord God Emperor is here, dexa 27 weight loss you must not come to this, otherwise I m afraid Your life is in danger Why is the God Emperor here Why is the name Zhu dexa 27 weight loss Ren so weird Would the God Emperor think it s dexa 27 weight loss weird for wishing Zhu, benevolent benevolence Would he think that this name is a big taboo and would kill me Jiang Fan was stunned for a moment Understanding the butler s sinister intentions, he sneered.

      According to the strength of the spiritual power, the heaven dexa 27 weight loss and earth liquid flames can be MindMaster dexa 27 weight loss activated, and the color of the heaven and earth liquid flames will change.

      Yingjiao, some things can only be determined by experience. Let s do this, let s dexa 27 weight loss do a test to see if your father is really what you said, what do you think Jiang Fan nodded and suggested.

      The baked skin is slightly uncomfortable and keto weight loss pills sams aching. Big Mac, the liquid in this pit is definitely not magma Jiang Fan affirmed after staring at the so called magma for a while and then at the surrounding environment.

      You will get nothing. If you break the contract, it will cause a catastrophe to the Rune God Realm.

      I dared to come to you alone, I have already thought about all kinds of possibilities, including murder, but dexa 27 weight loss I am not afraid, now everyone in the whole house is under the surveillance of the organization Jiang Fan is confident again sneered.

      Wu Meili was overjoyed, she didn t expect Jiang Fan to accept the high price, and the price was 6 million in a sudden change of hands, it was really easy to get the money, as far as she knew, this hidden talisman pill was made by God Emperor Wu at the request of Gongsun Changqing, The price of one is only 800,000.

      In addition, God King Xufeng wanted to find Emperor Li Shen to save him, so what if he went by himself You Shan also said that the female barbarian matriarch is very strong and powerful, at least she has the strength of a god emperor, and she dexa 27 weight loss probably won t be able to beat it by herself.

      Sister Xiaoya, do you know that the space world is my most important treasure, a life saving treasure Jiang Fan introduced after a pause.

      Jiang Fan knew that there were at least dozens of hundreds of crocodile beasts surrounding him, and it would not be easy to escape, and he needed help.

      Yingjiao, don t be overconfident. You d better be mentally prepared.

      If a family is a father daughter relationship, it is naturally a family matter.

      When the patriarch of the giant god clan comes, there is no need to fight or run away Najia Tu Zhe wondered, his keen sense of smell has already found a large number of people around him, but he can t see the scene hundreds of meters away, people have more trees to block the line of sight.

      Li Shendi used dexa 27 weight loss dexa 27 weight loss his body to replace Huang Li and was seriously injured, and finally failed.

      Forget it, honest men are bullied, so unlucky Jiang Fan was speechless and depressed, bitterly Sighing with a straight face.

      How could it cause trouble Could it be that people in Mengcheng hate men with bad looks or mediocre looks Jiang Fan was puzzled.

      Hmph, take care of yourself God Emperor Wu walked around the hall with his hands behind his back, looked at Lu Beibi and said coldly, then turned and left.

      road. Then it must be that your Monk clan has a shocking treasure and let the three major forces know about it Jiang Fan frowned and suddenly stared at dexa 27 weight loss Meng Bumi with a certain guess in his heart.

      My lord, the thieves are too cunning, and they are about to catch up.

      Okay, go quickly, by the way, do you need me to go with you Jiang Fan immediately urged, and then suggested.

      The two headed split body beast breathed a sigh of relief, and immediately bit the tip of its tongue and dripped four drops of blood for Jiang Fan, Wu Yazi, Li Yingjiao, and Najia Earth Corpse to swallow.

      Jiang Fan was very curious and interested for a while, and immediately thought of using the eye of the wind to see through the face towel.

      Well, it should be like this, but I don t know what the purpose of these things is, why are they hidden here Forget it, I m too lazy to think about it, dexa 27 weight loss Weight Loss Side Effect confiscate them all first, and study them later Jiang Fan nodded in agreement, was puzzled dexa 27 weight loss again, and Weight Loss In Buttocks And Thighs 1 day water fast weight loss results finally simply bad laughed.

      Uh, those who do this are simply a group of stalking rascals, they are too bad and vicious Lu Beibi and Wu Meili were speechless when they heard it, and even felt a sense of fear in their hearts.

      Seeing it, he was stunned, and hastily sent back a message, then swished into the secret room and hung chinese diet pills containing sibutramine in the dexa 27 weight loss air to look around, sniffing the smell, dexa 27 weight loss hoping to find something.

      Basically, sister Yingjiao and I will come forward for everything.

      Damn, this woman is too powerful, I can guess it Jiang Fan was stunned and depressed, of course he couldn t admit it, and hurriedly said with a wretched laugh Yingjiao, don t think wildly, with such a wonderful steamed bun like you, you still have to think about other things Mantou played a trick.

      When his little granddaughter was arrested, he was afraid, not because he was afraid of her little granddaughter being killed, but because of the kind of inhuman The dexa 27 weight loss torture made dexa 27 weight loss Weight Loss Side Effect him want to collapse.

      One day Wu Meili took her to the underground facility warehouse to show him the four boxes, saying that they were extremely valuable items stored by God Emperor Wu.

      Okay, Shuangtou, don t talk about such details, just keep staring, and continue to broadcast when it s over Jiang Fan felt that it was boring and chilled, and he hurriedly said without wanting to hear any more.

      Yes, of course, no matter how much money you have, it is not as important as my father.

      He is an absolute public figure. It is normal for people in the city to know about his family situation and his wife s situation.

      Don t worry, I can say hello to the organization to make sure that God Emperor Wu can find Wu Meili s clues in Diman City, but he can t find them Jiang Fan reassured.

      I am only interested in alchemy, and I don t dexa 27 weight loss Weight Loss Side Effect want to overwhelm myself with skills Jiang Fan taught an unhappy lesson.

      Damn, it turned out that he had misunderstood. Damn it, it really is dementia, Ms.

      God King Xufeng was dexa 27 weight loss very shocked, left sadly, drank his sorrows all day long, but couldn t help but went to Xutian City to meet Xujing again, and learned that God Master Lu Piaoyufu somehow planned to bring about the Blue Cloud Palace.

      Not to mention stopping, the speed is naturally much slower. Very good idea.

      She should be a rich man with good taste. It would be nice to make an exception dexa 27 weight loss and accompany him once.

      The saint s attitude reassured Jiang Fan a lot. It dexa 27 weight loss You Can Do Everything Right And Still Lose dexa 27 weight loss would be a troublesome thing if they really fell out.

      She was so comfortable and happy, and even catered to Jiang Fan s mouth a little bit.

      Fan Shuigong, you should go find her. Don t let such a good girl be sad and miserable for the rest of her dexa 27 weight loss life.

      Then maybe, now that there are witnesses and material evidence, dexa 27 weight loss the instigator is Lu Beibi, you can t deny it Jiang Fan said disapprovingly.

      No, it s so strict. This is a prison, and it s our territory.

      Of course I dexa 27 weight loss m interested. This can be traded. Hey, since you know why you don t go and find out, you don t have to worry about not being able to deal with the three major forces if you get the secret script left by the god of the talisman array Jiang Fan immediately dexa 27 weight loss expressed his need, But very suddenly asked suspiciously.

      The little fish left the water tank, twisted its body on the map, and soon seemed to feel uncomfortable, and began to jump continuously, crackling 7 day weight loss pwater pill on the map.

      If I leave in the future, if you are a saint, you will also be the patriarch.

      The Najia soil corpse gave up resentfully, Jiang Fan wandered 1 day water fast weight loss results Most Effective Weight Loss Pills around in a circle and found someone in a room, and dexa 27 weight loss immediately went up quietly and used Maoshan dexa 27 weight loss acupoints to restrain him, and used the soul search technique to peep, and finally erased his memory, The person left in a state of falling asleep while sitting on the table.

      Special Envoy, shall we just go in empty handed like this Xiao Wen hesitated for a while and said awkwardly.

      superior. Since Lu Beibi was framed, only the confessions of a few Hongcheng city lords and the stolen goods are MindMaster dexa 27 weight loss still lacking.

      Jiang Fan was very much looking forward to it, and he didn t believe that Meng Bumie asked the secret room to be used, and even issued a ban that no one could enter.

      Okay, take me to see those teeth Jiang Fan nodded. Jumbo brought Jiang Fan and Najia earth corpse to the innermost part of the cave, pointed to the top of a deep water pool and said, Master, please look at dexa 27 weight loss Weight Loss Side Effect the smooth top of the cave above the water pool, and the thing inlaid in the center.

      Don t worry Meng Bumie said dexa 27 weight loss with a nonchalant smile. Nalan, you have to work hard.

      Stupid, look more clearly, do you need a talisman to enter Hongcheng Then Wu Xiaoya asked.

      You re so funny, how quick weight loss plans do I know what her father will say to her Wu Yazi looked at Li Yingjiao, rolled her eyes at dexa 27 weight loss Jiang Fan and You Can Do Everything Right And Still Lose dexa 27 weight loss said angrily.

      I passed by the village and asked them not to say that they saw us.

      Water washing What do you mean Sheng Lingyun was stunned and asked.

      I think it is necessary to communicate with you Captain Ma was both depressed and helpless, so he could only tell the real purpose bitterly.

      This snake is not only highly poisonous, but its scales are also extremely hard, especially its primordial snake beads.

      Elder Yuwen naturally knows it. Wu Yazi dexa 27 weight loss and Li Yingjiao are a bit strange but don t take it seriously.

      However, they looked at the saint differently, and the saint also stepped back obediently to gain some distance.

      You Lu Beibi almost fainted from anger. He really wanted to kill, but he was helpless.

      Old man Sikong can t catch me, Weight Loss In Buttocks And Thighs 1 day water fast weight loss results and your father can t do anything about me.

      Even if they find something, they must declare and pay taxes according to the value.

      Those people testify that I admit that they are subordinates, but may I ask if they have all been tortured and tortured If so, there will be forced confessions, and they have to be recruited Lu Beibili Reasonable thinking or retorted.

      Uh, no wonder the idiot looks like that. I always thought that the idiot had a problem with his character Wu Yazi understood, and the deep seated disgust towards the Najia earth corpse disappeared, and it wasn t Jiang Fan s.

      It is no problem for Huang Fu and the others to continue yellow storm weight loss pill to rob, but there may be a frontal conflict.

      call the shots. Li Shendi, who had been silent all this time, immediately looked at Wu Shendi.

      What did she say Li Yingjiao couldn t help but wonder. She said that what she expected most in her life was to find a dexa 27 weight loss good man she wanted.

      Oh, so you re using me Jiang Fan finally understood Meng Bufu s intentions, and after thinking about it for a while, he said with a smile That s fine too, hehe, the fine can be halved, so MindMaster dexa 27 weight loss fine him a few thousand Hundreds of millions Uh, dexa 27 weight loss little brother, don t mess around, the Monk clan is not as rich as those big Fushen outsiders.

      This confidant guard was revealed by Huang Li when she left, and she said hello not to tell Li Shendi her whereabouts.

      He really has some skills, even the daughter of a god emperor can be abducted Before Ms.

      Master, the split body has sent back a message. It seems that the master is not disturbing when he is talking.


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