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      For some students families, it was nothing at all. But for her family, royal blend cbd gummies on amazon that can you test positive for marijuana if you use cbd oil is a huge amount.

      His royal blend cbd gummies on amazon voice was obviously faster than the others, and there was no pause at all.

      Chu Ming s mother frowned immediately You two are really serious, can you take cbd oil with topamax why don t you pinch each other when you meet, so you can t talk properly Chu Yingxiong didn t walk away immediately today, but smiled and said Mom, don t worry, I will make a career of myself sooner or later, and I will royal blend cbd gummies on amazon Cbd Pain Relief show my father when the time comes, I royal blend cbd gummies on amazon Cbd Pain Relief am not just Lord of money.

      Liu Yifei walked over and sat down, looking sideways at He Yueyan, with a strong smile in his eyes.

      Even in her family, it was more money from his parents, and other relatives only gave him a hundred yuan.

      I m really exhausted. Heh It will be easy for me to explain to you later.

      I really hate men who are fickle. Although you stood up bravely when the accident happened that day, so as not to let us be bullied, this is not something that I should be grateful royal blend cbd gummies on amazon for and repay you.

      Who are you talking about stupid girl It s not big or small, remember, I m your sister Lin Miao heard Wang Ke s footsteps at this moment, and immediately pushed Liu royal blend cbd gummies on amazon Yifei away, and then knocked on Liu Yifei s head.

      It doesn t make sense for you not Colorado Cbd Oil Online royal blend cbd gummies on amazon to make money. Chu Yingxiong laughed again, and said It s not your reminder that I make money, so you don t put royal blend cbd gummies on amazon Cbd Pain Relief a high hat on me there, I have already prepared the car for you, when will you use it, and when will you come here to pick it up That s it.

      The most important thing was that Liu Yifei was too involved in telling it, just like telling his own experience.

      Liu Yifei immediately understood what was going on with Chu Ming at this time.

      He Yueyan also chuckled at this time. Although Tong Xinfeng and Li Ya were noisy, she was Li Ya.

      They thought that the other party feals cbd oil flight was their biggest opponent, and they didn t take Wang Ke seriously at all, but now they suddenly discovered that, the relationship between Liu Yifei and Wang Ke seems to be closer than royal blend cbd gummies on amazon them.

      Sir, five bowls of braised shark s fin in soy sauce, royal blend cbd gummies on amazon your dishes are all ready.

      Letting the big stone that had been pressing on her heart be temporarily removed, her heart can i take cbd oil and meatonin and chamomile and lavendar and valerian became extremely relaxed.

      I held Lin Miao s arm tightly, opened my mouth for a few times and didn t make a sound.

      Liu Yifei followed Lin Miao into her bedroom, and Lin Miao pointed to the closet inside and said, Go up and help me get something.

      Chu Ming pouted and said, What are you afraid of She doesn t know us well.

      Okay Liu Yifei also smiled slightly. This hero Chu is quite different.

      I m really flattered that you entertained me so politely when I came to your house today.

      Stinky boy Lin Miao immediately raised his hand to Liu Yifei, and said angrily, I didn t scare you.

      I I Wang Ke also knew that this royal blend cbd gummies on amazon was the truth, but she couldn t say yes to Liu Yifei s medicine, but at this moment, she only felt a light on her leg, and the quilt had been lifted by Liu Yifei Open, suddenly let organic green cbd oil Colorado Cbd Oil Online royal blend cbd gummies on amazon out a low cry, and subconsciously pulled the quilt.

      In the next two days, all the third year students will have a holiday, and then prepare for the college entrance examination with all their strength.

      I will can cbd oil give headache or stomache teach you royal blend cbd gummies on amazon then. royal blend cbd gummies on amazon En. Wang Ke smiled sweetly at Liu Yifei. Stinky boy, come out royal blend cbd gummies on amazon quickly, I m going to take a shower.

      1.Where to buy cbd oil 91763?

      Mom You can t royal blend cbd gummies on amazon change your mind. Don t you know that there is also packaging.

      Chu Nai smiled again, and said, Uncle Chu, I m royal blend cbd gummies on amazon sorry, royal blend cbd gummies on amazon Yueyan was also very nice to me before.

      Last time, Chu Ming put his legs on his lap, which is fundamental.

      Second uncle Wang Ke exclaimed, and immediately stayed at the door.

      This does not mean that his family is richer than others, but that his father Liu Dacheng has such a hobby that he made all the things in the yard by himself.

      At this time, He Rongxuan suddenly leaned against the back of the sofa, and then said lightly If you want to be really nice to our friend Yan, then you will be admitted to the same university as Yue royal blend cbd gummies on amazon Yan, then I will no longer oppose you, And support you.

      Missy. However, seeing He Yueyan frowned and kept glancing at him, Liu Yifei knew that He Yueyan wanted to come over and talk to him, but he was afraid that people in the class would know the relationship between the two of them and spread the word back to him.

      2.What is the best way to take cbd oil?

      Along the way, Chu Ming and Lin Miao sat at the back, chatting excitedly and non stop.

      Chu Ming unloaded the backpack while talking, unzipped the zipper and took out something and said to Liu Yifei This is The grilled fish fillets, pistachios, and bananas and apples I bought for you Seeing Chu Ming stuff a lot of things into his hands, Liu Yifei smiled and said, How can you eat so many things Why can t I eat, I can eat some when I get in the car, and I can eat it when MindMaster royal blend cbd gummies on amazon I rest at night.

      Liu Yifei didn t get off the horse, but bent down and stretched out his hand to He Yueyan, saying, Come on.

      The box was made of royal blend cbd gummies on amazon wood. It looked old from the outside, and the paint on it had peeled off a lot, but the carvings on the box were extremely exquisite, and it was quite antique.

      Seeing Liu Yifei s smiling expression, she couldn t help becoming a little annoyed.

      Well, I understand. Wang Ke nodded heavily, but there was a feeling of pride in his heart.

      Well, okay Wang Ke nodded, then turned to Chu Ming and He Yueyan and said, You two sit down first, and Yifei and I will cook for you.

      Knowing that Cao Mingjie wouldn t talk nonsense, Liu Yifei didn t care, so he chuckled and said, Thank royal blend cbd gummies on amazon you, Sister Lin Miao, I ve made a fortune today.

      After getting in the car, He Rongxuan s mood calmed down. He took out the phone and sent out a burst of instructions.

      Looking at Zhang Tianshun who was talking to the city leaders not far away, He Rongxuan nodded again, and said, You are quite scheming, don t royal blend cbd gummies on amazon worry, I know how to do it.

      3.7 Drops of cbd oil equals how many ml?

      of Don t forget it. If you want to settle accounts with him, won t he know that you have watched this Colorado Cbd Oil Online royal blend cbd gummies on amazon video If you are a girl watching this thing, he will definitely scold you.

      Their gazes were so intertwined, although they didn t do anything, but that kind of love has been Nano Cbd Gummies royal blend cbd gummies on amazon Nano Cbd Gummies royal blend cbd gummies on amazon intertwined in the eyes of royal blend cbd gummies on amazon the two of them Chapter 139 Single Bed The two stared at each how to make cbd oil books a million other for a moment, Lin Miao patted Liu Yifei lightly, and said coquettishly, Damn it, you moved people to tears.

      Do you have any good places to go He Yueyan shook her head lightly, then blushed and said in a low voice I want to go to your house to have a look.

      Well, cbd oil legal in iowa then you go back first, I ll come as soon as I rush. Lin Miao turned around and faced Liu Yifei with her frontal body.

      Tong Xinfeng and the others applauded again and again. Liu Yifei found an excuse and left first.

      It s a great opportunity with justifiable name, you must compensate me Damn, if it wasn t like this, how could Li Ya treat you so well And let you hug me.

      Liu Yifei was very relieved to hear that Wang He took each family home, and said, If you don t have anything to do on the weekend, don t go back to your own home, it will be more convenient there.

      He sweated so much this night, which made him very thirsty. His body was sticky and he wanted to take a bath.

      Yeah. Seeing that Liu Yifei wasn t unhappy, He Yueyan also breathed a sigh of relief, smiled sweetly, and said, Then I m going home, and I ll call you.

      Soon, the three of Colorado Cbd Oil Online royal blend cbd gummies on amazon He Yueyan walked up to Liu Yifei and the others, and the little fat man and the boys turned their heads to look away.

      4.How to use cbd sleep oil?

      When Liu Yifei treated Wang Ke, he was more like a brother taking care of his sister.

      I have something to tell you. Okay. Liu Yifei nodded, took off his shoes, and put on slippers again. Sit down Sitting on the sofa, He Rongxuan pointed to the sofa opposite.

      Although the boss had big shoulders and a round waist and a strong physique, he had no strength to fight back royal blend cbd gummies on amazon in front of these seventeen or eighteen year old high school students, and soon he was beaten and could only shrink into a ball with his head in his arms.

      All the original reservedness of the students disappeared without a royal blend cbd gummies on amazon trace, and when they reached the calm water, all of them were hooked.

      I always feel royal blend cbd gummies on amazon that this Lada car should be eliminated. Maybe it can be done now.

      If I didn t dare to make a move at that time, if you do it, it will be a fool Maybe he suffers more, a real man is not always a hero, he can only be a reckless man.

      For Liu Dacheng, he was so happy from ear to ear. A car costs 3,500 yuan.

      Want another catty But when he thought about it, he felt really fucking wronged.

      When it comes to Ermaozi, there is royal blend cbd gummies on amazon no one in the whole Hekou City who doesn t know.

      Am I fierce Where am I fierce Lin Miao came over and sat beside Liu Yifei, and pinched Liu Yifei s arm fiercely.

      The relationship between people was quickly drawn in, and the conversation along the way was even for fun, and although Li Wenbo looked at Chu Ming and Wang Ke from time to royal blend cbd gummies on amazon time, there was no special look in royal blend cbd gummies on amazon his eyes, which made Liu Yifei feel It was very comfortable, and I got closer to Li Wenbo.

      Auntie, let does cbd oil interfere with gabapentin me help you Lin Miao and Chu Ming said in unison. No No You play, most of them are ready made, the outer room is cold, you all go inside to play.

      Then then let s have a catty. Zhou Minsheng swallowed again, and then said with a smile Let s go upstairs to order, it s much more convenient to order with the recipe, and there are many things that can t be left unattended.

      Yifei is doing very well in school, and he is seventh in the school in the final exam this time, which is really amazing When talking about Liu Yifei s outstanding performance, Chu Ming is often very excited.

      Well, this kind of thing is done step by step. With the current recovery speed of your funds, it should be enough to be able to supply.

      The guy with royal blend cbd gummies on amazon a shaved head and no hair on the opposite side of Liu Bogang touched his scalp and started cursing at several people.

      Liu Yifei was full of guilt towards Lin Miao, but at the same time he kept laughing.

      Liu Yifei s face slowly drooped, and he said royal blend cbd gummies on amazon softly, What do you think I said no Chu Ming moved his head upwards to greet her, and their lips were soon pressed together.

      flush. This made Liu Yifei really want to see what Wang Ke wrote to him.

      I only fought with this man because he was so angry. There is really nothing to show off.

      In the past, all the girls in the house were girls like Wang Ke, and only Liu Yifei was a boy, so her underwear was casually hung in the bathroom.

      When the second squad came down, the first squad immediately attacked the second squad.

      Although Chu Ming was a little reluctant, she nodded when she thought that this was the first time Liu Yifei came to her house for dinner.

      Have some soup, waiter, essential cbd extract gummies chemist warehouse royal blend cbd gummies on amazon what kind of soup do you have here The waiter immediately said We have crab roe tomato soup, seafood can you test positive for marijuana if you use cbd oil Best Cbd Gummies For Anxiety And Stress miscellaneous painting soup, if it royal blend cbd gummies on amazon is lighter, we also have ordinary egg soup, beef and radish soup, etc.

      Forget it today, you can study it tomorrow, I m already sleepy. Liu Yifei lay down on the bed, just finished eating, feeling very sleepy.

      Where tofind acdc cbd oil for sale online?

      • How To Find Cbd Oil You Can Trust To put it bluntly, you will lose more people. Besides, isn t there your cbd gummies hemp bombs fairway market father You are not carrying it alone Jiang Fan comforted a little bit.
      • Merchant Processing Companies For Cbd Oil And Hemp Products It s not far, it s in Mengcheng Meng Bumie replied straightforwardly.
      • How Big Is The Cbd Oil Market Jiang Fan didn t panic either. Since the movement of space drift was delayed, he would use the technique of earth escape to immediately fall to the ground, and at the same time use the shield to protect his body.

      I don t know if he can earn as much as I said. He took a taxi when he went out, how could such a simple person be willing to take a taxi He must have understood the situation and knew that driving a taxi does make money as I said, so how could royal blend cbd gummies on amazon he not come to rent a car Wang Ke looked at MindMaster royal blend cbd gummies on amazon Liu Yifei with his mouth wide open, and said, He s only been here for less than ten minutes, so you can see so much from him Heh this is observation, it s like writing, if you don t observe carefully, how can you write vividly, how can you impress readers, talk about how good our company is, you can t impress customers, the most important thing It is still necessary to grasp their hearts, so as to succeed.

      Li Min looked at Liu Yifei s confident gaze, and suddenly raised his hand to pat Liu Yifei s shoulder, saying Okay I support you, if you need my help, I will do my best to help royal blend cbd gummies on amazon Cbd Pain Relief you.

      He laughed and said, Come here, drink, this is Moutai. We drink this royal blend cbd gummies on amazon Cbd Pain Relief at state banquets.

      She nodded slightly, and then pulled her underwear and carefully lifted it up.

      I attach great importance to this matter. If we make a marriage, then there is a guarantee for Chu Ming.

      The temperature of Liu Yifei s chest made both of them feel a little nervous.

      Although it Shark Tank Keoni Cbd Gummies seems that he has a relationship with Zhang Tianshun, Liu Yifei is very clear about his relationship Colorado Cbd Oil Online royal blend cbd gummies on amazon with Zhang Tianshun, it s still not enough to allow Zhang Tianshun Colorado Cbd Oil Online royal blend cbd gummies on amazon to handle government affairs for him.

      Chu Ming and Liu Yifei walked out of the restaurant, Chu Ming gently took Liu Yifei s arm, and said softly, I m sorry.

      Cut it What s the matter Liu Yifei patted Lin Miao s hand with a smile.

      In order to win Li royal blend cbd gummies on amazon Ya s heart, this kid has really made up his mind to keep exercising during this time.

      This made Liu Yifei s heart sway, this little girl actually played such a small game with him below, but I have to say, this feeling is really wonderful, the feet move lightly on purpose, gently in the soles of Chu Ming s feet Rubbed twice.

      For the Chinese New Year, she is lonely at home alone, so I brought her to visit with us.

      Everyone follows the system. If they do well, they will get a bonus.

      There was no difference between tonight and last night. Liu Yifei didn t do much.

      Lin Miao nodded and said, Well, that s what I mean. Our company s preliminary preparations are almost done.

      At that time, the country s management of brands was obviously lax, and it was very easy to make a false name.

      Liu Yifei s hand touching Chu Ming s thigh made her feel a royal blend cbd gummies on amazon little uncomfortable, but seeing Chu Ming s excited look made her feel much better.

      He has studied most of the plan, but this time it is more royal blend cbd gummies on amazon detailed, and after it is written, it will not be said.

      Thinking of Wang Ke s home, and thinking of Wang Ke using that frail body to how many ml of cbd oil for arthritis pain do rough MindMaster royal blend cbd gummies on amazon work in the field, Liu Yifei felt a little embarrassed, and suddenly royal blend cbd gummies on amazon turned in his mind, and asked, Have you ever thought about working and studying during the holidays Work study program Wang Ke royal blend cbd gummies on amazon was a little confused.

      Liu Yifei smiled modestly, and said Uncle Chu has won the award, I just said something by hearsay occasionally, so that Uncle Chu doesn t think Colorado Cbd Oil Online royal blend cbd gummies on amazon I m talking on paper, just talk about it.

      How is it The rest of the people immediately gathered around and asked.

      Liu Yifei and Cao Mingjie came to the market together, and Cao Mingjie immediately started buying vegetables.

      When you graduate from college, I will be an old girl of twenty six or seventeen years old.

      Liu Yifei patted Cui Yiyang again, stared into his eyes and said If people don t know, unless you do nothing, how could your little trick escape my eyes, but this time you did a good job anyway.

      With the crisp sound of pop, Lin Miao immediately royal blend cbd gummies on amazon looked at Liu Yifei in surprise while covering her best cbd oil for athletes buttocks, but seeing Liu Yifei s unfriendly eyes, she stuck out her tongue mischievously and said, It s so kind to treat me like a donkey s liver and lungs.

      There should be someone at home, but they are royal blend cbd gummies on amazon not around. Liu Yifei smiled slightly and said, If you have time, come out for a walk.

      Yifei, do we still drink Lin Miao frowned as he watched Liu Yifei pour her another full glass.

      dishes, and they are still quite enthusiastic with Chu Ming, that looks like he treats Chu Ming as a daughter in law to be.

      Okay, let me register first. If there is any, please leave it for me for three days.

      But at Liu Yifei s house, Chu Ming never saw anything unnatural in Liu Yifei, which made her see a kind of self confidence and calmness in Liu Yifei, can you get cbd oil in virginia which is rarely possessed by other boys.

      Only when he was alone, he would be a little small Intimacy, and high school students look at the relationship between men and women completely differently from college students.

      Cui Yiyang laughed and said, You are so self willed, no wonder Uncle He always asks me to take care of you.

      Then you wait a moment, it will be ready soon. The waiter smiled at the two of them again, turned around and walked out, young couples like Liu Yifei and He Yueyan, they really don t see many, and the two It also looks quite quiet, making people feel that they are not a puppy love that is criticized now, but like a real couple.

      Lin Miao shook her head, frowned and said, Why is it so difficult to understand Forget it, I don t care if you are dreaming or doing something.

      No how soon can you tell cbd oil problem Liu Yifei immediately agreed happily. After royal blend cbd gummies on amazon the driver left, Liu Dacheng immediately frowned and asked, Did Xiaolin say he wants to invest more Well, she said that before the 11th, the capital turnover over there increased, so she increased the investment here.

      Can it be used Oh Let s talk about it. Zhang Tianshun was full of interest at this time.

      Chu Ming s face turned even redder, but she felt unspeakable joy in her heart.

      Looking for a public phone booth, Liu Yifei called Chu Ming, and when he received Liu Yifei s call, Chu royal blend cbd gummies on amazon Ming was very happy and said, I still wanted to go to your place to play today, so you just called.

      But you all like me, this is my blessing, and this also makes me very entangled, no matter which one of you is hurt, I am afraid that I royal blend cbd gummies on amazon will die of pain, just like watching Yueyan cry and leave that day, I It s really sad.

      Liu Yifei chuckled, and gently rubbed his hands on Lin Miao s smooth legs, and when he reached Lin Miao s hands, he touched Lin Miao s hands lightly twice, without intruding upwards.

      There was a can you test positive for marijuana if you use cbd oil Best Cbd Gummies For Anxiety And Stress knock on the chest, and he whispered Why didn t you say it earlier Liu Yifei couldn t help chuckling, and said My silly Miaomiao, whoever told you to think wildly as soon as you came in, even if I want to steal, I can t get it at home and let you catch it.

      Come to think of it, don t yell in there anymore. Then he turned around and walked into the back room.

      Zhao Qin laughed. Cao Mingjie also came over to pay New Year s greetings to Liu Dacheng and Zhao Qin at this time, and the two gave Cao Mingjie red envelopes.

      I m not bad, it should be considered normal. Liu Yifei gave Lin Miao a reassuring smile.

      En Cao Mingjie silently picked up the conch, and when he stood up again, he already showed a simple and honest royal blend cbd gummies on amazon smile, and said, Well, I will show my hand tonight.

      Liu Bogang pushed Liu Yifei forward, and Liu Yifei rushed in front of He Yueyan involuntarily, royal blend cbd gummies on amazon and the man over there Li Ya and the others immediately flashed back with a smile, only surrounded Liu Yifei and He Yueyan in the middle.

      The mother is afraid that she has to protect her daughter from being bullied.

      I ll drive downstairs to your house in five minutes. You go downstairs and wait.

      Liu Yifei chuckled lightly and said, Then how many words can you type in a minute now I should be able to hit about sixty.

      In fact, from the first cbd gummies pure organic hemp extract 300mg para que sirve day the owner of this store came to what are gummies made from the school, Song Yufu was bodiesbest cbd oil product full of anger.

      There are guests at home today, and I also It s inconvenient to accompany you for dinner, come back in a royal blend cbd gummies on amazon Cbd Pain Relief few days.

      Stinky boy, I will wear this clothes tomorrow. Lin Miao fell into Liu Yifei s arms and gave Liu Yifei a light slap.

      Everyone laughed too, but still no one was willing to stand up. I m coming A voice sounded from behind, and all the students immediately cbd oil balm for muscle pain turned to look at him, but it was Cui Yiyang who had been isolated by everyone.

      Liu Yifei was can you test positive for marijuana if you use cbd oil hugged by royal blend cbd gummies on amazon Chu Ming, feeling the youthful and invincible breath, and there was a physical how to take cbd oil for arthritis reaction, but he smiled bitterly and said, Even if she doesn t come in, what happened to you today Always tell me Bar.

      When he opened his eyes, he I saw a moving scene. He Yueyan wore a very loose action T shirt today, and the neckline was unavoidably loose, but when viewed from the front or the side, of course, nothing would be seen, but Liu Yifei was resting on He Yueyan s shoulder, But looking from the top Nano Cbd Gummies royal blend cbd gummies on amazon down, the scenery inside the neckline can be clearly seen at a glance.

      I can t forget the path full dosage for pure 100mg cbd oil of wild flowers and the beauty of the rainbow after the rain.

      Liu Yifei immediately asked eagerly, Which district did you go to Hongwei District, I ll be the secretary how to you use cbd oil of the district committee there.

      Seeing Wang Ke s nervous expression, Liu Yifei felt an indescribable warmth in his heart.

      Of course forget it, can t it be counted this time Are you still laughing Lin Miao was originally cbd oil gummies worcester ma shy and embarrassed.

      She turned around and walked in front of Wang Ke, pulling Holding Wang Ke s arm, he said with a smile, I haven t seen you for so long, you really look more and more likable.

      He Yueyan, who was embarrassed by Liu Yifei s scorching gaze, bumped Liu Yifei with her elbow, and said angrily, Stop making trouble, I m telling you seriously, do you really want to participate in that typing competition Well, you have participated.

      This little girl cared about her from the royal blend cbd gummies on amazon bottom of her heart, without any hypocrisy.

      He Yueyan didn t make a sound, and Chu Ming didn t know what to say at this moment.

      When the two walked to the carport, how long does it take 1000mg full spectrum cbd oil to work they saw Wang Ke. Wang Ke smiled at Liu Yifei and said, Are you going royal blend cbd gummies on amazon home too Well, go home.

      Oh Principal Wang couldn t help but look at Song Yufu royal blend cbd gummies on amazon in surprise at this moment.

      Liu Yifei picked it up and looked at it. They were all very common things, royal blend cbd gummies on amazon but he thought that there would be nothing good in such a small shop, so he chose a relatively good one and bought it.

      Liu Yifei remembers very clearly that there was a girl who was wearing a pair of white gauze trousers at that time.

      Alas Yueyan was there before, but now there are only the two of us left.

      Liu Yifei glanced at his shoulder, and could feel two teeth marks there through his clothes, and said with a wry smile, royal blend cbd gummies on amazon Then what should I do I ve kissed it all, or you kiss it back.

      No scruples, after all, an adult must think a lot more than a little girl like Chu Ming.

      The same is true for our business, we just need to think about everything.

      At this time, the waiter came in with the menu, and Liu Yifei and He Yueyan also sat down.

      She doesn t care, but looking at Wang Ke s appearance, she knows that she is shy because he washed the clothes, but it s better to pretend that she doesn t know about it, otherwise Wang Ke will definitely be very 50 Mg Cbd Pills can you test positive for marijuana if you use cbd oil embarrassed.

      Take a bath. And Wang Ke also knew Liu Yifei s habit. At this time, he walked to the sink to wash something, looked up at Liu can you test positive for marijuana if you use cbd oil Best Cbd Gummies For Anxiety And Stress Yifei, smiled slightly, and said, Have you learned it, Miss Lin Miao Liu Yifei wiped his face with a towel, and said It s very simple, you should learn it when you have time, and cars royal blend cbd gummies on amazon will become cheaper and cheaper in the future, and many people will own 50 Mg Cbd Pills can you test positive for marijuana if you use cbd oil cars.

      He walked through the path in the grove and came to royal blend cbd gummies on amazon the side of the small bridge.

      Ah Chu Ming let out another low cry, and quickly took out the video tape royal blend cbd gummies on amazon of the culprit and sent it back.

      Zhao royal blend cbd gummies on amazon Qin said again at this time. Liu Yifei could clearly hear her preference for Lin Miao from his mother s words, which made him very happy, but he pretended to be depressed and said I said, Mom, it s not up to me when I come back, let s talk about you guys.

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