Claims Management

Process your employees’ claims without all the accompanying paperwork on our claim management system.

Scan Receipts with Ease

No more piles of faded receipts and invoices – with iTaps, your employees can now take a photo of their receipts and submit their claims on our mobile app on the go. Notifications will be sent to the managers for their approval.

Payroll Integration

Review and approve all claims on our platform. Once claims are approved, iTaps will automatically sync the reimbursements and seamlessly account for them in your payroll. Leave the calculations to us!

Sync with Xero

Map all your employees’ claimed expenses with Xero Accounting seamlessly. With just one click, iTaps allows you to push all claimed expenses to Xero, saving you time from data re-entry and eliminating human errors. Now you can have a complete reconciliation of accounts in Xero effortlessly!

Flexible Claim Policies

Tired of keeping up with different claim limits for different types of employees? With our claims management system, you can create and customise claims with different limits for your employees, and we will keep track of it all for you.

Create the ultimate employee experience with our all-in-one app!

Download the Mobile Application for iTaps by Mind Master, available on: