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To onboard your employees, navigate to Employees => Employees on our web app.

You can choose either of these 2 ways to onboard your employees:-

(1) Click “Import Employees” to mass onboard a group of employees via our Excel sheet; or

(2) Click “Add New Employee” to onboard a single employee.

Yes! You can put away your Excel sheets – iTaps automatically computes your employees’ CPF contributions, as well as other pay items such as ethnic fund deductions. You don’t even need to login to CPF & upload your contributions. We have automated the entire CPF submission experience for you. We have endeavoured to help you compute payroll effortlessly yet accurately.

Simply navigate to Payroll => Generate Payroll on our web app, and select the relevant employees and payroll period. Our system will then automatically generate your payroll and publish the relevant payslips. Your employees can easily view their payslips on their mobile app once you have published it.

All you have to do is navigate to Payroll => CPF, and you can submit your CPF contributions with a single click! That’s right – you don’t need to export and upload any files to CPF. As a partner of CrimsonLogic, iTaps allows you to make direct submissions to CPF with just one click.

iTaps supports major banks in Singapore  such as DBS, OCBC, and UOB. If you would like to enquire with us on support for other banks, feel free to contact us so that we can assist you further. 

Yesyour employees can clock in and out of work via our mobile app. You can track their attendance in real-time by heading to eAttendance => Today on the web app, where the data is conveniently captured. The data is also automatically synced to your employees’ payroll details.

Yes, certainly! iTaps has a simple leave grade feature for you to assign different leave grades to different groups of employees (e.g. Executive Level, Managerial Level). You can customise each leave grade to suit the needs of your company.  

Once you have onboarded your employees, they can download iTaps mobile app (available for both iOS and Android) on their personal devices. They can log in with their employee ID, and apply for leave and claims right on their mobile app!

Yes! We safeguard your information from the moment you sign up with us. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more information.

Yes, you’ll need to set up your (1) Chart of Accounts and (2) Contacts in Xero.   

For Chart of Accounts, you can use your existing accounts or create new account types to map the payroll entries over. 

For Contacts, you should create contacts with the same name as the iTAPS Export Groups. 

In iTaps, head to Company –> Settings. Under Modules, select “Xero” to activate the Xero module. 

You will then see the Xero module in the menu. Head to Xero –> Synchronize and click the button “Connect to Xero”.   

Next, you will need to enter your Xero log-in credentials and allow access. 

Once the connection is successful, you can start to map your iTaps payroll entries to push over to Xero. The mapping will be based on the Chart of Account & Contacts that you had set up on Xero previously.

Once you have completed generating payroll, head to Xero –> Synchronize and simply click “Sync to Xero”. You will get a notification once the data has successfully been pushed to Xero. 

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