Leaves Management

We provide an automated employee leave management system that is comprehensive and compliant with regulatory requirements.

Full compliance with government authorities

Tired of keeping up with the laws mandating leaves for your employees? Not to worry – we have preset all leaves mandated by MOM in iTaps, such as maternity leave, childcare leave, and sick leave, etc.

Fully customizable leave entitlement

Set up your leave policies on iTaps and customise them to accommodate your company’s needs. You can create as many leave types as you require, pro-rate leave, carry forward leave, enable leave encashment, and automatically increase leave entitlement for employees with each year of service. You can also assign different leave grades to your employees based on your company’s hierarchy structure.

Attach Supporting Document

Your employees can submit their medical certificate and other documents together with their leave applications on our mobile app. You can easily refer to their applications and supporting documents on the go, at your convenience.

Create the ultimate employee experience with our all-in-one app!

Download the Mobile Application for iTaps by Mind Master, available on: