Payroll Management

Automate your payroll and seamlessly submit CPF contributions and IRAS tax returns with just a single click on iTaps.

Submit CPF Contributions with One Click

As a partner of CrimsonLogic, iTaps allows you to directly submit your CPF contributions with a single click! We automatically calculate CPF contributions for each employee so you can do your submissions without the hassle of calculating, exporting and uploading files to CPF.

Accurate and Compliant

Tired of performing manual calculations on spreadsheets? With iTaps, you can say goodbye to tedious manual work! We accurately compute your payroll data in line with MOM regulations. Our payroll is fully integrated with our attendance, claims and leave management systems, so that your payroll data is accurately calculated in a single platform.

Comprehensive and Flexible

iTaps offers you the flexibility to configure pay items for staff with different salary payment frequencies and different payroll needs.

You also have the option to create as many pay items as you require each month. All your needs are catered for in iTaps!

IRAS Tax Filing

As iTaps has been graded ‘A’ for compliance with IRAS controls, you can file your taxes directly with a click of a button! That’s right, you don’t have to upload any files to IRAS with our direct tax filing system. Our payroll system automatically generates the figures for you, expediting your tax filing process while ensuring accuracy at the same time.


With iTaps, you can generate your payroll summary, tax, CPF, and many other types of reports to help you to review and analyse a wide range of payroll data for your business.

Create the ultimate employee experience with our all-in-one app!

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