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      The god king best diet pill shark tank Youshan should have been secretly captured by Ziyu Palace and handed over jadera diet pills ingredients to Wu Meili and his wife for interrogation.

      The old lair of the Qinglong tribe seems to be far away. After walking in the mountains for a day, I happened to meet Zhu Ren.

      Yeah, then why are you still in the water Jiang Fan pretended to be surprised, pointing to something in surprise.

      Before he gave up, he still warned angrily. The Najia soil corpse repeatedly said yes, and didn t dare to say any more, and sat obediently in the corner without saying a word.

      Uh, it s still six million short of fifty million, old man, we have no valuables on us, what should we do Wu Meili and Lu Beibi finally asked depressedly.

      Uh, Xiang er, what are you doing, get up, get up City Lord Lu Beibi hurried to pull, dissatisfied.

      There were too many people, and it was really hard to explain what best diet pill shark tank was going on inside, so they could only be anxious.

      Brother, when I passed by a small courtyard in the east of the city this afternoon when I went to work, I saw with my own eyes that the city lord was holding a beautiful woman in his arms.

      Jiang Fan didn t want to talk too much, and said anxiously This is troublesome, I finally rescued you, but you died in the end, Li Shendi must blame me for not being good at things Where are we Have you notified Li Shendi You Shan was silent for a moment, frowning and asked.

      It s that simple Jiang Fan was stunned for a moment in disbelief.

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      The essence of heaven, who should not take keto pills fire and earth fire is contained in the cauldron, which condenses and fuses into heaven and earth liquid flames.

      Really, it s been two days, and they said they would come to accompany Red And Black Fat Burning Pills best diet pill shark tank them as soon as possible, why hasn t Fan the hydraulic engineer come Li Yingjiao muttered dissatisfiedly while chewing wild fruits.

      He didn t expect Jiang Fan to be so serious and read the family rules in front of everyone.

      At first, I really didn t know that she was a foreigner. She was spotted several times before, but she didn t catch her and slipped away.

      A very important friend of mine is critically ill and will soon die Jiang Fan explained vaguely.

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      He tested their attitudes first, and looked at Li Yingjiao and Wu Yazi seriously.

      It s not easy for the patriarch. Patriarch Meng, since you said best diet pill shark tank Drugs To Lose Weight that these people have killed five or six hundred people in your clan, why didn t you kill you when you caught meditrim diet pills up with them, and just kept running best diet pill shark tank away while best diet pill shark tank hiding your strength Then Jiang Fan asked a little puzzled.

      1. Weight Loss Suppliment Diet Pills Touching the stone chair and touching the stone how fast can bulimia lose weight bench for a while can t help worrying that something will happen to her.
      2. Best Reviewed Diet Pills The current director of the Public Security Bureau is Lei Zhen. He used to be a member of the frontier defense detachment, and he was transferred to the public security system by He Lian s application.
      3. Weight Loss Surgery Pills What are you doing blocking us The two foreigners were upset. We want to protest that the beauty is our friend and we want to buy her a drink.
      4. Weight B Gone Tapeworm Diet Pills Long Yuexin thought Chen Tianming came with Kong Peixian tonight, and Kong Peixian s words showed some ambiguous meaning, she felt a little uncomfortable.
      5. Which Green Tea Is Good For Weight Loss So they sent Long Yuexin and Kong Peixian to M City together. When Long Yuexin and the others arrived at the military airport in City M, they came to Chen Tianming s villa under the protection of Nan Zhonghai s bodyguards.

      It swooped up, opened its mouth wide, and bit the golden circle of light, woo Immediately, the rune god crocodile howled best diet pill shark tank miserably, its sharp best diet pill shark tank teeth shattered and blood splashed, just like human teeth biting steel, how painful it was.

      I don t know. It s not easy to advance to a level in the Fushen Realm.

      It felt very fresh and said Oh, there is such a particularity.

      Pay best diet pill shark tank attention, of course it s not right Jiang Fan said clearly.

      Get out, get out of Hongcheng immediately, and let me see you again and break your legs City Lord Lu Beibi immediately cursed with a Diet Pill best diet pill shark tank gloomy face.

      There is no time to think of other solutions now, only a few hours away best diet pill shark tank from Wu Shendi s arrival, we can only flood the city with water, that can be attributed to the fault of natural disasters, and Youshan will disappear or die by then, just look at the report, I believe the superiors will not blame themselves.

      For You Shan, whose primordial spirit is shrinking and self destructing, talking so many words is not a small consumption.

      Oh, jadera diet pills ingredients Vitamins For Weight Loss For Females get up best diet pill shark tank quickly, something serious has happened Seeing Lu Beibi laying on the ground, Wu Meili stepped forward to grab her ear and dragged her fiercely.

      Mr. please wait a moment Xiangxiang thought for a while, then hurriedly lifted the curtain and entered the room.

      Two days have passed outside, so it s time Diet Pill best diet pill shark tank to go back and study again when he has the opportunity.

      Don t worry, there is something to play, and everyone will get their wish soon Jiang Fan immediately comforted.

      The defensive forces were mainly concentrated on the lower three floors.

      Wu Yazi couldn t help believing it, and Wu Yazi asked very curiously Brother Jiang Fan, are you practicing some very magical secrets Skill You can put MindMaster best diet pill shark tank it this way, but this is my biggest secret.

      The carriage was quiet, Li Yingjiao thought about it best diet pill shark tank and peeked at Jiang Fan, Jiang Fan seemed to be thinking about something, his eyes were piercing and staring out of the car window, he couldn t help being dumbfounded, uh, quite deep, he looked mature and steady, he couldn t help but The goodwill in his heart carefully looked at it.

      In the end, they can only stay permanently if they marry women of the Monk tribe.

      The nails are on. Li Yingjiao hurriedly pulled up her best diet pill shark tank hakama, looked at the tip of the nail on the corner of the floor, and scolded angrily, What kind of broken talisman is this Why is there a nail on the best diet pill shark tank floor Hey, yes, why are there nails on the floor Well, it should be due to carelessness in repairing the rune beast compartment Jiang best diet pill shark tank Fan looked back and pretended to be surprised and guessed, giving a reason for the nails on the floor uc davis medical center weight loss Oh, my God, it s all my fault, why did you rent a rune beast car like this Miss, I m so sorry, Red And Black Fat Burning Pills best diet pill shark tank it s all my fault that caused you to scratch your skirt and fall Then Jiang Fan blamed himself road.

      The three god masters didn t believe it, and they were very furious.

      Later, she quickly fell in love with him unknowingly, especially the common adversity in the lonely and dark place, which was even more irresistible.

      By the way, he inquired. The Lord of Hongcheng really didn t have a bad record of best diet pill shark tank entertainment, best diet pill shark tank and it was best diet pill shark tank said that he only had one wife, and he didn t hear about raising children, but Jiang Fan didn t give up.

      He only brought a dozen or so people to follow. The mountain road was not easy to walk.

      Well, father, don t worry, I will never let you down The saint nodded vigorously, wiped away her tears and replied resolutely.

      Hehe, I have to thank you, brother, otherwise our jadera diet pills ingredients on duty person will go there.

      In Fushen Realm, no matter where, no matter who, no matter how powerful he is, no one can force me to do what I don t want to do.

      Thank you for your kindness, and I m leaving Wu Yazi and Li Yingjiao couldn t listen anymore, they stood up at the same time, Wu Yazi interrupted the cold talk bluntly, then turned around and left.

      That s right, we don t have that ability at all Wu Yazi also said Diet Pill best diet pill shark tank deeply.

      With a flash of light, Jiang Fan and Najia Earth Corpse came to the giant god tribe s territory in the spell world, and immediately accelerated the time of the territory to one hour and one hundred years, and then called the giant to fetch the hidden weapon of the best diet pill shark tank holy stone.

      I was beaten up by God Emperor Wu because of You Shan before.

      Hee hee, Holy Maiden, you re right, Miss Yi Yingfeng has taken a best diet pill shark tank fancy to me, mini pill weight loss pcos and she s already my woman Jiang Fan immediately boasted proudly.

      Okay, I bet it s impossible Wu Xiaoya said without hesitation.

      It is said that there best diet pill shark tank are rare minerals there. I hope it is true.

      The eyebrows were released, and then slipped to the side of the pillow.

      He was startled and hurriedly dodged back. A stone slammed on the door with best diet pill shark tank a bang.

      She believed that no matter who rescued You Shan, they had ulterior motives, jadera diet pills ingredients Vitamins For Weight Loss For Females and How To Lose Weight On Hydrocortisole Pills You Shan was very useful.

      Damn it, it turned out to be venom. This venom is too terrifying and outrageous Jiang Fan understood, but he didn t expect this kind of venom to exist.

      The scale of this mansion was much smaller than that of the city lord s mansion.

      She felt a little hungry and was about to order her servants to bring food when suddenly the talisman ball on her body moved.

      Then what did Wu Red And Black Fat Burning Pills best diet pill shark tank Meili do After Wu Shendi stepped on it dozens of times and Lu Bei spit out a few Diet Pill best diet pill shark tank mouthfuls of blood, Wu Shendi seemed a little tired and calmed down a little bit before giving up.

      For example, if a person has a million dollars, he may be willing to redeem someone with half a million best diet pill shark tank dollars.

      The Artifact Refining Book was created by Zhu Gan, the God best diet pill shark tank of Artifacts, with his life s energy.

      Wu Yazi and Li Yingjiao were stunned for a moment, best diet pill shark tank then a little confused, and then Wu Yazi looked nervous and suspicious Brother best diet pill shark tank Jiang Fan, you don t mean to go to Ziyu Palace and Hao White House to grab it Don t do it, then you will end up with Ziyu Palace and best diet pill shark tank Hao White House Li Yingjiao said in surprise, she didn t want Jiang Fan to have a direct conflict with his father, and she didn t want Jiang Fan to take the initiative to best diet pill shark tank directly confront his father.

      From the initial research, Jiang Fan did not use the liquid flame divine cauldron, and it was not necessary.

      If he dares best diet pill shark tank to resist, Lower Body Workout For Weight Loss jadera diet pills ingredients he will be shot and killed. If something happens, the elder will be responsible Elder Diet Pill best diet pill shark tank Yuwen shouted with a stern look in his eyes, and he was willing to fight.

      You Captain Ma suddenly looked ugly, Wu Yazi was right, she was indeed not qualified to represent Mengcheng, but the saint told her to find someone to invite, so she casually used the excuse of representing Mengcheng to invite, and Red And Black Fat Burning Pills best diet pill shark tank she was at a loss for words.

      I heard it was very expensive Li Yingjiao explained, while carefully putting on her bra.

      The creditor was arrested, sentenced to death and best diet pill shark tank Drugs To Lose Weight deprived of all property, and the little girl had no choice but to move out.

      Where are they Don t let me go by mistake Jiang Fan took the token and put it away bluntly, thinking for a while.

      main house. There were best diet pill shark tank a lot of things floating around in the city lord s mansion, and Lu Beibi was everyday slim weight loss pill standing on a high platform and was furious.

      But I can feel that there is still a person s breath inside the double headed split body beast added.

      Jiang Fan immediately brought the flying winged silver dragon into the best diet pill shark tank world of spells, followed closely with the Najia soil corpse, and couldn t help but be surprised when he came to the river bed as deep as 40 to 50 Lower Body Workout For Weight Loss jadera diet pills ingredients meters in the canyon.

      Standing and talking Diet Pill best diet pill shark tank without back pain, Wu Yazi turned white and Jiang Fan took out the talisman ball to send a message, Li Yingjiao also acted immediately, and they best diet pill shark tank all Red And Black Fat Burning Pills best diet pill shark tank sent the same message, Father, I am in the mountains and I encountered a Tu tribe.

      Women have a high status in the hearts of Mengke men. Jiang Fan seems to have some background.

      The Monk women are born with body odor. The Monk people are used to it and don t think it is a problem, but the outside world does not like to deal with the Monk women After many years of communication with the outside world, the life of the Monk people has become richer, and the roads have been repaired, but they still maintain a semi closed state with the outside world.

      She saw Captain Ma coming with two guards. Don t worry, nothing will happen Jiang Fan showed disdain, and he reached out and patted An Wu Yazi and Li Yingjiao on the shoulders.

      Once the message is announced,, the world of Fushen will be in best diet pill shark tank chaos Uh, it will lead to bloody chaos in the Fushen Realm What kind of information is this so important True or false The saint was surprised and doubtful.

      Lu Piaoyu Fu Shenzhu fully supports and encourages Xufeng to pursue Xujing, but in private he continues to MindMaster best diet pill shark tank create troubles, causing the contradiction between Xufeng and nothingness to become public.

      Brother Jiang Fan, it s not that I don t want to say it, it s because it s very important.

      They shouldn t bother me, but they are a little troublesome Jiang Fan best diet pill shark tank hurriedly comforted Li Yingjiao with fear in her beautiful eyes.

      But if you best diet pill shark tank best diet pill shark tank can t get the city lord to go to bed, Xiangxiang, the old man won t give you a single jade flower stone, and will only pay the bustard for your going out money Jiang Fan reminded coldly with a sudden expression.

      A dozen people from Huang Fu and Zhao medically prescribed diet pills vs adderall Hui ran wildly after them, and a large number of guards shouted and chased after them.

      And there are advantages weight loss supplements at gnc in this, Hongcheng suffered a catastrophe, according to the usual practice, as the owner best diet pill shark tank of Ziyu Palace, it is natural to support, and advanced ketogenic keto cleanse 730 mg will also order other fellow city owners to support, so that it will earn a lot of money.

      Li Yingjiao was dizzy and speechless for a while, Jiang Fan didn t say the name of the master beforehand, and quietly gave Jiang Fan a glance, and she liked to play tricks on others, isn t this taking advantage of others, really.

      I swear by the future fate of the master of the Monk tribe, if the Monk tribe MindMaster best diet pill shark tank really has any rare treasures, the Monk tribe will definitely be jadera diet pills ingredients Vitamins For Weight Loss For Females wiped out Meng Bumie shook his head and still didn t believe it.

      They are very expensive. I have already used one and I ate one for the housekeeper.

      Try to hide your identity best diet pill shark tank as much as possible, disguise yourself and keep a low profile.

      You don t need to pay any money, how about taking 30 of the subsequent sales revenue One suggested.

      Okay, it s okay to tell you at this time, old man Fan Sangong, in the later phentermine weight loss pills uk stage of Fu Shengsheng, is the captain of the bodyguard of Miss Wu Yazi, the daughter of Wu Renli God Emperor Wu Renli in Ziyu Palace Jiang Fan said flickeringly.

      It is extremely difficult for the monsters outside to find and enter.

      Sister Xiaoya, you said that Wu Meili s words threatened the one who wrote the Artifact Refining Book, could it be the Artifact King Youshan Jiang Fan thought for a while after listening to Wu Xiaoya s introduction to the Fushen Realm Artifact Refining.

      The thieves moved too fast. Fortunately, he reacted quickly, otherwise he might really be forced to shit, and he would die best diet pill shark tank of discomfort.

      It s fate that we met, not to mention that I brought you here, you can t just watch the giant fish perish, take my giant fish family The giant fish was depressed, and immediately turned to Jiang Fan wisely best diet pill shark tank and begged, the teeth of the giant best diet pill shark tank gods were on the ground.

      Damn it, idiot, what are you doing, why are you urging the seal of the talisman demon god master Jiang Fan suddenly felt that there seemed to be something wrong on the forehead of the Najia soil corpse, and MindMaster best diet pill shark tank when he looked up, he saw a faint flicker between the eyebrows of the Najia soil corpse The aura of the talisman demon god master talisman leaked out, and he was very surprised.

      I tried to bite them, but they were extremely hard and couldn t be bitten.

      Lu Beibi cannot do without her. Wu Meili probably won t allow Lu Beibi to have any more women, so Lu Beibi has always restrained himself when it comes to women.

      No responsibility What do you mean Gu Butler was taken aback for a MindMaster best diet pill shark tank moment and was very puzzled.

      Uh, refining equipment is probably a special industry like alchemy.

      That s impossible. If the lady is Wu Yazi, the daughter of God Emperor Wu, the lady should be standing close to God Emperor Wu since you appeared, and the lady has always been far away from God Emperor Wu, keeping a distance from God Emperor Li.

      The holy stone arrow is stained with a layer of saliva, and then it is stained with venom and dried.

      Hee hee, master, a woman wearing a cheongsam with a hood, and a silk scarf around her neck looks really good, and it feels good to spray perfume, even the little ones want to try it Na Jia Tu how to lose weight with thyroid Zhe said wretchedly.

      The giant was overjoyed when he saw that apple cider vinegar gummies benefits for weight loss it was indeed a talisman.

      Zhou Chengzhu and Wanchengzhu retreated immediately. Liuchengzhu, who had suffered the Red And Black Fat Burning Pills best diet pill shark tank most, also calmed down at this moment.

      Wu Yazi, who had already tasted best diet pill shark tank the taste, had long been impatient best weight loss pill to buy that works to wait, and no matter what she was best diet pill shark tank shy, she hurried over when she best diet pill shark tank heard the shout, and the three sisters were all happy, how could she miss it.

      By the way, those shitty customs and habits of the Monk tribe best diet pill shark tank s aesthetics are too beautiful to be too ugly Under these beautiful eyes, there must be a pockmarked face or a toad face, wouldn t it be disgusting With such rapid tone weight loss a respectful and worshiping attitude, the Monk people know that their status must be very noble, at least they are not the beauties in the eyes of the Monk people, and they are not qualified to be called saints.

      But it was already too late. Dozens of guards had already made a move.

      It is 70 or 80 miles outside the city, and the surrounding area of 20 miles is designated as a restricted area.

      In the information sent back by the double headed split best diet pill shark tank body, there is no code for the concave convex pattern on the left wall, only the code for the concave convex pattern on the right wall Jiang Fan came to the concave and convex Red And Black Fat Burning Pills best diet pill shark tank pattern on the left wall, looked at it, and dared not touch it.

      If You Shan understands the talisman array, he will definitely not bury this amazing skill, then the loyal ones should be handed over to the master, so it seems that this underground secret base was not built by You Shan Jiang Fan immediately judged.

      This is a small move. The patriarch Meng is actually weak, so naturally he can only endure as much as possible to suffer Jiang Fan said deeply, and Li Yingjiao felt relieved and sympathized with him.

      Asked sharply with a flashing cold light. After discussing some matters, Lu Beibi and Wu Meili passed the news of the flood in Hongcheng to Ziyu Palace through the talisman ball, and then they drank tea in the best diet pill shark tank courtyard as if nothing happened, and prepared to go to work and pretend to be busy with disaster relief later.

      Anyway, he likes it better. It doesn t matter if he stays by his side.

      Ma am, do you have any Can I buy a few at a high price The price is negotiable, so you can ask for whatever you want Then Jiang Fan seduced.

      Nalan, you have to work hard, the future of the Monk clan depends on you Meng Bumiai reminded without comfort, with a sad expression on his face.

      was reminded of this, and I have never delved into what my father said.

      How could it cause trouble Could it be that people in Mengcheng hate men with bad looks or mediocre looks Jiang Fan was puzzled.

      I think your purpose jadera diet pills ingredients Vitamins For Weight Loss For Females in coming to Mengcheng should be to avoid something Immortal pondered for a moment and then said.

      Uh, you look so handsome, domineering, masculine, and charming Li Yingjiao stared at Jiang Fan in a daze and said.

      I remember that there is a mark on the map, which should tmg supplement weight loss refer to the canyon between the two mountains in front Jiang Fan said happily after looking at it.

      Even if it doesn t work, the 30 talismans also strengthened the strength of the Monk tribe, not to mention that I am ready to die, and this kid seems to have a best diet pill shark tank good character, and the alliance still has a lot of best diet pill shark tank power against the Monk tribe helpful.

      According to the unspoken rules and conventions, he and his husband Lu Beibi might become scapegoat victims.

      This question was very extreme and sharp, and they said that they could not hurt their father.

      Yeah, your split body won t be in any danger, right Jiang Fan said in surprise.

      What do you mean by that According to what you said, we were the ones who caused the collision with the Saintess motorcade.

      You must have the talisman. You couldn t have escaped by stealing the owner s property and doing something bad Wu Xiaoya suddenly rolled her eyes and said asked.

      Li Yingjiao couldn t stand it anymore, and she made a nasal snorting sound like an electric shock she had never had before It was really comfortable, Li Yingjiao wanted to refuse but couldn t Red And Black Fat Burning Pills best diet pill shark tank bear jadera diet pills ingredients Vitamins For Weight Loss For Females it, so she gritted her teeth and tried her best not to be swayed by the bursts of pleasure, especially her nasal humming, which made her very shy and embarrassed, for fear that Jiang Fan would be ashamed to death if she heard it.

      What I leaked is just the tip of the iceberg. Tell me, do you want this information Should you respond with sufficient preparation or a hasty response Time is running out, and the risk is losing the throne of the city lord Jiang Fan urged and threatened again.

      Then it s even more likely. Distant cousins are best diet pill shark tank nothing, jadera diet pills ingredients Vitamins For Weight Loss For Females even brothers and sisters are nothing in the face of big enough interests.

      In fact, Jiang Fan already had the answer in his heart, that is, he must not give in, he must take action.

      The curator went out to supervise the preparation of food and drinks in person.

      leading to the hole. When I entered the cave, I saw that it was a very large cave, bigger than a football field, and there was an underground river inside.

      You don t know Didn t my wife take someone with you in the end Lu Beibi said anxiously.

      road. The Flying Winged Silver Dragon carried Jiang Fan, Wu Yazi, Li Yingjiao, and Najia Earth Corpse on its back.

      You think, Emperor Fushen went in at the early stage, and came out in a fluke.

      No, they are with you. Will their best diet pill shark tank appearance arouse all natural weight loss programs suspicion best diet pill shark tank Wu Xiaoya reminded with a frown.

      The most troublesome thing is that these people don t take the initiative to attack and harass my people, and they avoid or run away when they encounter them.

      Okay, old man, you can teach me quickly Xiangxiang said hurriedly.

      It condenses into dewdrops and hangs in the tens of thousands of years.

      It s done in minutes, and you can be considered a very strong man if you can last for three minutes.

      This person whose best diet pill shark tank surname is Ma Obviously the status is not low.

      Someone outside answered immediately, and then left in a hurry, Jiang Fan frowned, really lifted the ban and returned to the secret room, did he really think wrong I didn t know the bottom of my heart for a while, but I still didn t give up completely.

      It is meaningless to see Wu Meili again. By the way, he wants to take the seal Heisha from the underground facility warehouse of the City Lord s best diet pill shark tank Mansion This is possible, since the teeth of the giant gods can be found very quickly, then bring the sealed black sand on your body, as long as Wu Yazi finds someone MindMaster best diet pill shark tank with the aura of the magic charm, you can quickly open the door to the world of the enchanted gods aisle.

      He still pretended to be concerned. Uh, miss, what Red And Black Fat Burning Pills best diet pill shark tank s the matter with you, are you all right Who told you to hug me, you put me down Li Yingjiao didn t expect this to happen, she fell on top of the man, she shouted in embarrassment and anger, twisting and struggling violently, beating and pushing Jiang Fan with both hands.

      Well, that s good, best diet pill shark tank I still know how to consider you as a man, this is my woman Jiang Fan praised in his heart after hearing this.

      Wu Meili and Lu Beibi thought about it and thought it was feasible, and took out four real estate deeds and handed them to Jiang Fan, saying These are four houses in the city, some are good, some are mediocre, and the estimated value should be six million Jiang Fan looked at it and it was really good, and now the house is in it, and tentatively said This can t be all your real estate except the city lord s mansion, otherwise I m really a little embarrassed Hmph, don t worry, don t be embarrassed, these are only half of our real estate, and if you have money, you can sell it, as long as you want, you can buy ten or twenty places Lu Beibi said deliberately not caring.

      Wu Meili was very angry, and was about to go crazy and kill someone, when she suddenly heard Jiang Fan mentioning that God Emperor Wu was coming, she was even more surprised when she heard that God Emperor Li was coming.

      Fool, you are shameless, you are going to die Wu Xiaoya was furious, waved her hand, the space pushed, and screamed, the space hit the Najia soil corpse, this best diet pill shark tank guy is too bad, she is still unmarried, why spout such obscene language in front of her best diet pill shark tank Drugs To Lose Weight With a bang, the Najia earth corpse was knocked into the air for a few meters and fell to the prescription weight loss pills dr oz ground, grinning its teeth.

      Can t turn the corner, the unhappy best diet pill shark tank Drugs To Lose Weight lesson asked. Oh, little one understands.

      There s no need to search anymore. It s useless. They should have escaped from the encirclement. They probably have already entered the deep mountains and jungles.

      It is easier to realize the original intention of coming to Montreal.

      It should be beautiful Master, didn t you see the face of the other party Na Jia Tu Zombie was puzzled.

      The three unaware intelligence agents in the carriage were caught off guard and fell to the ground, just rolling over the grease flame belt, becoming three burning men who rolled more than 30 meters before stopping, fainting without saying a word and being burned to death.

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