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      I d better go and see horizon keto burn what best cleanse to lose weight horizon keto burn fast will happen to Lu Beibi first Wu Xiaoya hesitated and said.

      She screamed in fright and hurriedly pulled it with both hands, but it was too late, and Li Yingjiao s hakama was ripped off and fell down The thighs and waist look horizon keto burn cool.

      Afterwards, Bai Chi laughed at some of the god masters, and even horizon keto burn uttered wild words, saying that he only used intermediate rune arrays.

      One of them saw that the atmosphere was not right and shouted hastily Everyone, don t act rashly, the natural water pills for weight loss patriarch sent me to deliver orders Elder Yuwen showed disappointment, knowing that the plan to kill horizon keto burn Mengren would not succeed, he sighed and waved horizon keto burn horizon keto burn his hands to make his subordinates retreat, stepped forward and asked politely Guard Lou, horizon keto burn what is the patriarch s order Elder Yuwen, the patriarch already knows what s going on here, please go to the mansion of the Holy Maiden in Mengcheng with Miss Yecha Lou guard also said politely.

      Wu Yazi and Li Yingjiao were very astonished and at a loss. They had never heard of the secret agreement between the three major forces and the Monk tribe.

      Enter through the left door, pass through odd numbers, grasp the raised parts of the wall, and pass through the white floor Hey, it seems to be the directions for entering the Pill Temple Jiang Fan followed Wu Yazi s point to look, and subconsciously read, some understand.

      Wu Yazi and Li Yingjiao nodded horizon keto burn slightly with appreciation in their eyes.

      but the ears are listening. Brother, I really sincerely want to cooperate with you in a limited amount, but you also have to give me confidence.

      His eyes stared at the wall in a daze, not knowing what to think.

      I have been sitting for twenty years, and I finally made it through Lu Beibi exclaimed excitedly after hearing the dance of hands and feet.

      The most troublesome thing is that these people don t take the initiative to attack and harass my people, and they avoid or run away when they encounter them.

      She can t swim Many spells are difficult to cast in water, even if they can be cast, their power is greatly reduced.

      The small split body can be doubled after completing evolution, and the entire Kama Mountain can be searched that way.

      Jiang Fan was depressed, and wanted to play tricks on Wu Xiaoya, but Zhao horizon keto burn Hui interrupted him, and gave Zhao Hui a dissatisfied look.

      The two women were horizon keto burn in contact with their father, revealing the important information that Wu Meili had mastered the golden tripod.

      Uh, girlfriends are just girlfriends. Come on, give me a kiss.

      His confidants know. Why is it so abnormal Wu Meili asked subconsciously, still intoxicated by depression and fear.

      What, what are you talking about, you bastard, you go to horizon keto burn Fda Approved Weight Loss Drug hell Wu Xiaoya was furious, yelled and cursed, waved her hand, and used the space to push, the space trembled, and a force went straight to Najiatu who was sitting on the side in front corpse.

      Meng Bumie is using himself, horizon keto burn it seems that he is benefiting, but he is not at a disadvantage, and it is in his own interest.

      Really, Elder Yuwen, have you forgotten all the clan rules at your age Xiaowen, read the clan rules to Elder Yuwen Jiang Fan had horizon keto burn Fda Approved Weight Loss Drug already prepared on the way here, checked the clan rules, so he was confident.

      He really didn t want to see this ugly and vicious woman. It s my old lady, what are you, dare to break into the private house of the city lord, injure the guards and speak wild words, are you guilty Wu Meili looked at Jiang Fan and then at the two guards who had been lifted up.

      The other side thinks that I am inefficient when I go out to do errands Li Yingjiao said casually, thinking about how to reply.

      No way, they can really threaten and persecute God King Youshan Wu Xiaoya was also dumbfounded.

      Bar Master Keto Pharmacy Diet Pills horizon keto burn Special Envoy, of course we know each other Xiaowen Xiaowu nodded.

      What Weight Loss Pill Did Shark Tankinvest In

      Lv Beibi used to be a bodyguard of Ziyu Palace, because he was capable and loyal, and was later promoted to be the Lord of Hongcheng Wu Xiaoya replied.

      Who knows, maybe that vicious woman has a fetish, and she specially collects this stuff to keep her appreciation to satisfy her perverted psychology Najia Mens Weight Loss Pills Review Zombie guessed badly.

      soldier. What was even more unexpected weight loss pills los angeles was that the two masked women turned out to be people next to the saint, indicating that the special envoy acted with the full support of the patriarch and the saint.

      In addition, five or six hundred people escaped from the shop at this time, and the situation was completely out of control The heads of hundreds of guards knew that in the face of such a catastrophic and chaotic situation, it was impossible to proceed with the investigation of suspicious personnel, so they had to devote all their efforts to fighting the fire to try their best to recover the losses.

      The three major forces where I live have been entered by people no less than five times horizon keto burn while I was away.

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      They may contact your father at any time. Don t make your father suspicious when you come to Hongcheng Jiang Fan reminded.

      Also, I must hand over my seal of the King of Gods Lower Body Workout For Weight Loss best cleanse to lose weight fast to Li Shendi You most important vitamins for weight loss Shan demanded again.

      Lean Fire Diet Pills Review

      You are handsome and handsome outside in our eyes, but you are ugly in the eyes of the Monk people Wu Yazi in the carriage horizon keto burn But she reminded with a charming smile.

      We re about to start. You follow the idiot and wait for the signal Jiang Fan arranged perfunctorily.

      It was different, it horizon keto burn was actually a half meter thick metal door, which was very heavy.

      The force felt two points stronger, and it still pierced through with a chirping sound.

      Li Yingjiao froze for a moment, then she was amused, and she was a little nervous and confused, but outsiders didn t know about the butler, so she just found an excuse to leave first, looked at the butler who couldn t move, thought for a while and asked Jiang Fan, can you Won t you hurt the steward Uh, this old man is actually not a good person Jiang Fan frowned and said, it would be difficult if he didn t hurt him.

      He was going to restrain the housekeeper. But the matter has come to this point and there is no horizon keto burn other choice, I just hope that the matter will not become a big deal, so Li Yingjiao can only complain dissatisfiedly Housekeeper, let s talk while walking, father is really, why do you want to take back the beads that you gave me Do you know what father wants the Nine Eyes Bead for Uh, this subordinate doesn t know now, how dare I ask about the God Emperor the butler said perfunctorily with horizon keto burn a dry smile.

      Keto Blast Walmart

      You gave us 100,000 Lu Beibi and Wu Meili were shocked and couldn t believe their ears.

      Hehe, wouldn t it be good to spend two hidden talisman pills to verify the family relationship It will allow me to clarify how to deal with the relationship between the two father in laws in the future.

      No matter how much you need my permission, in the Mengcheng area, except me and the saint, your status ranks third, and no one can move you After a pause, he said with a serious face.

      Emperor Keto Pharmacy Diet Pills horizon keto burn Li Shen suddenly realized that he knew the relationship between Wu Meili and Wu Shendi.

      Judged, but again confused. The most important thing is how the news of You Shan being imprisoned here was leaked, but those who know about it are absolutely diehards, and I don t believe they will leak the secret.

      During those days, Li Shendi paid homage to Huang Li many times a day and stayed with Li Yingjiao all the time.

      Immediately, the Yeyan God Cauldron made a slight sound, and a red light enveloped Jiang Fan.

      Don t worry about it, hurry up, they will lead you to the riverside and wait.

      Belly Fat Burner Pills

      Damn, this is to play with women Jiang Fankuanghan was very speechless, but after thinking about it, it seemed very reasonable, yes, forcing the idiot to practice desperately, but his virtues cannot be changed, and it is useless if the cultivation effect is not MindMaster horizon keto burn good, it horizon keto burn might as well be better like this.

      I don t know why I am going to Diman City. you can t know everything Jiang Fan continued to explain.

      It is much more comfortable than a bellyband and can show your figure better Jiang Fan had to teach, pointing to the Xiangxiang steamed bun.

      Xiaowen called in the patrol does apple cider vinegar gummies burn belly fat team outside the gate to watch over Yuwen s mother and daughter, Xiaowu led a few people to let the housekeeper lead the investigation Lower Body Workout For Weight Loss best cleanse to lose weight fast and liquidation of the family property, Xiaojiao and Xiaoya untied Sheng Lingyun and put him on the talisman cart.

      It s very annoying, these people are now digging and digging everywhere, making some places full of potholes everywhere, it s so annoying Meng Bumi said angrily.

      Closer Jiang Fan analyzed with a smile. Wow, master, you are so clever and careful in observing, it seems that master is still a talent Li Yingjiao couldn t help admiring.

      There must be something in the secret room, and it is still a very important thing.

      If something irresistible and beyond my ability occurs, it is none of my business Lu Beibi is not an idiot either, so he responded tactfully.

      Is there no time to take care of the owner Keto Pharmacy Diet Pills horizon keto burn s house and many of his properties There are also big households who are close to Lu Beibi.

      Brother Fan, what are we going to do Everyone was relieved and thought it made sense, Huang Fu asked.

      Well, what kind of incendiary bombs are so fucking powerful. When the four explode, they will turn the city gate into a sea of flames and no one dares to approach it.

      Although he was a horizon keto burn little disappointed, horizon keto burn he knew These are pretty good.

      Half of them occurred within the sphere of influence of the Purple Rain Palace.

      Hee hee, this is another great secret of horizon keto burn my father. The passage between the Rune God Realm and the Rune Demon God Realm is sealed, but it is not completely sealed.

      Uh, old man Meng, can you just say it directly, you don t need to know if it s irrelevant Jiang Fan frowned impatiently.

      Give people a different feeling. There was a pit on weight loss drugs that were taken off the market the ground more than ten meters away.

      Yes, yes, never mention it again But this big brother, if a few passers by spread the word at Lower Body Workout For Weight Loss best cleanse to lose weight fast that time, we don horizon keto burn t care about our horizon keto burn business horizon keto burn Jiang Fan immediately pretended to be panic and responded, but changed the subject and emphasized.

      He laughed and grabbed a steamed bun with both hands and started to eat it.

      With the current strength, it is still difficult to decipher the secret of the golden cauldron.

      The four talisman vehicles stopped, and there was no one in the front and rear.

      At this time, Wu Meili did not expect that she had already been closely monitored.

      When you rob, don t cause big casualties like Huangcheng and set fire to destroy other people s properties.

      How could this happen Wu Xiaoya looked at Jiang Fan and shook her head in frustration.

      What do these people mean by staying aside Of course, Elder Yuwen would not come forward to mangosteen supplement weight loss strike up a conversation, there is no need, their identities are far worse than their own, so they pretended not to see them, horizon keto burn until Xiaowen and Xiaowu came to find out, and said with a best cleanse to lose weight fast Weight Loss Samples smirk Are the two guards here to join in the fun Elder Yuwen, hello, congratulations, congratulations to your daughter Xiaowen and Xiaowu immediately struck up a conversation and complimented her.

      Meng horizon keto burn Bumiai frowned and said nothing. He also knew that horizon keto burn the female thief was horizon keto burn a tough nut to crack, so he really didn t think of a good way to interrogate her for the time being.

      No, the little split body was very quiet when I saw it, and the little girl has passed out The two headed split body replied.

      After perfunctory greetings for a while, Jiang Fan let the crowd disperse, and followed the Big Mac to the depths of the cave, where he saw a cave the size of a basketball court, with the three characters how to lose weight quickly by fasting Conference Hall engraved on the tall stalagmites beside it.

      Uh, yes, how can You Shan, who has been in a coma for a few days, commit suicide Yi Yingfeng was at a loss for words when asked, and thought for a while in doubt If this kind of possibility doesn t exist, then really think about it.

      Wu Shendi from Ziyu Palace came, they were naturally panicked that Youshan s robbery would be revealed and they couldn t explain it, and they created floods, flooded prisons, ferocious beasts and cannibalized people to cover up and shirk responsibility.

      Fan Shuigong, I didn t take the artifact refining book with me, and I didn t destroy it.

      Hey, there are tadpole like symbols on the head of the fish, cheat weight loss pills which are the same as the symbols best cleanse to lose weight fast on the clothes and brands in the fourth box Jiang Fan was surprised.

      Damn, this obese saint s observation ability is unusually strong, even this can be seen Jiang Fan was shocked again, with a calm smile on his face.

      Master, I have used both of them with all my strength, but they are all under the sacred power of the talisman Na Jia Tu Zombie replied.

      Very good, just write it out honestly, I won t check her anymore, and give your granddaughter a sum of money to release.

      Uh, this is really unimaginable. The five locations are all in the town.

      Jiang Fan smiled and didn t say anything. This question is a little deep, and it s hard to explain and he doesn t have the heart to explain it.

      Take it as if is golo weight loss safe I don t want to. It s just that I don t have that ability.

      Uh, Brother Jiang Fan, it s better not to accompany you. This matter is done in private.

      Master, those stupid pig city masters were all fooled, and they really blamed all the robbery incidents on the heads of the best cleanse to lose weight fast Weight Loss Samples Tu tribe After a while, Jiang Fan and the Najia earth corpse emerged from the ground.

      This is a shame. Uh, sister Xiaoya, you re too excited. No one here is shameless. Is there anything wrong with making out with my woman here best cleanse to lose weight fast Weight Loss Samples Jiang Fan asked displeasedly as he stood up and frowned.

      Lu Beibi, you said that Wu Meili went to Diman City Where is she going and what is she going to do God Emperor Wu strode towards the outside of the hall, stopped after taking a few steps, turned around and asked Lu Beibi who was still kneeling on the ground.

      You don t know about the appearance of a saint from the Monk tribe Jiang Fan asked after thinking about it.

      She handles things Lower Body Workout For Weight Loss best cleanse to lose weight fast vigorously and resolutely. Wu Meili owes the greatest contribution to Hongcheng s horizon keto burn governance.

      It is best to drive them away, but the beast is so big and there are so many, who would dare The water lizard armored beast rushed to the gate and slammed its head against the gate.

      Jiang Fan asked for a while through sound transmission, and learned that the small supplements needed for weight loss courtyard in the east of the city was almost arranged, and it would take more than ten minutes to horizon keto burn rush there, enough to perfect the camouflage there, so he was relieved and turned to Li Keto Pharmacy Diet Pills horizon keto burn Yingjiao, and found that the woman was staring at him in a daze.

      At this time, Jiang Fan had already returned to the hiding place of everyone in the back garden.

      The whole gate of the city knelt down, only Jiang Fan, Wu Yazi, and Li horizon keto burn Yingjiao stood.

      Jiang Fan used the blade of space to kill one of the two guards at the gate of the small courtyard, but the other was seriously injured and left alive.

      Wow, that weight loss with garcinia cambogia s quite a lot. Uh, Sister Yingjiao, if your father finds out, he might be so angry that he vomits blood Wu Yazi was a little surprised, and then said casually with a little nervousness.

      You idiot, take a look at the contents of the other four boxes Jiang Fan said with emotion.

      You said nothing would happen, so please help me contact your organization and ask Lu Bei frowned.

      The saint girl looked tall and fat, and horizon keto burn Jiang Fan looked like a thin monkey sitting there.

      They didn t meet and didn t contact each other. You can say whatever you want.

      Suddenly, the countless vines surrounding her quickly fled and disappeared, and the bottom of the water instantly became clear.

      Yes Jiang Fan responded readily. Uh, City Lord, the organization said there is no need to look for it, your wife is missing Jiang Fan shook his head intentionally.

      Where can you meet a good man You also cover your face with garc weight loss pill a veil.

      It felt bad and hurriedly roared and exploded with all its strength to fight and break free.

      What happened to the flood Lord God Emperor, the gate of the reservoir dam outside Hongcheng was destroyed, causing floods.

      Yingjiao, can you understand Jiang Fan asked Li Yingjiao again, and Li Yingjiao also nodded to show her understanding.

      It s nonsense, it s not like that, my father loves me so much, so he won t impose on me what I don t like Li Yingjiao could hear it, and said excitedly with a displeased expression.

      Huang Fu and Zhao Hui looked at each other and felt amused, only they knew that Xiaoya s sister in law had always admired the city lord of Hongcheng, and the two treasures said that in front of Xiaoya, they were picking on the bad luck Jiang Fan glanced at the angry Wu Xiaoya, frowned slightly and said nothing, looking ahead, wondering what he was thinking.

      Jiang Fan laughed and said, Hey, idiot, why don t you go through Uh, master, don t make fun of the little one, the little one s thoughts jillian diet pills are blocked for a while Najia soil corpse said awkwardly.

      Do you know why the Qinglong clan must arrest me It s because they saw that I look good, so they wanted to take me back to the Qinglong clan s nest to be the MindMaster horizon keto burn woman of the patriarch Li Yingjiao explained.

      I will go soon, and best cleanse to lose weight fast Weight Loss Samples I will come back when I find something. It s not that I won t take you there.

      The magma can erode the holy stone, and it will be much faster to polish on Lower Body Workout For Weight Loss best cleanse to lose weight fast the holy stone, otherwise it will take several times more time Then Big Mac introduced again.

      Yeah, since that s the case, then you can start to evolve. Find a place that is more secluded to evolve.

      How do I know where she went There is no contact between you horizon keto burn Jiang Fan said aside.

      This time, the oil bombs can sitting in the sun help lose weight were placed at a distance MindMaster horizon keto burn of 50 meters, and the explosion formed an oil fire separation zone about 60 to 70 meters wide and nearly 200 meters long, which could better block horizon keto burn the pursuers.

      Since the other party couldn t find the key evidence, he didn t bother to care about it.

      Wow, master, you are so awesome, so you are fooling Mistress Xiaoya, and you horizon keto burn still want to rob Hongcheng city lord.

      In addition, she also hunts down those monsters, and then breaks open to find the body alone, saying that she must see the body if horizon keto burn she dies Lu Beibi hurriedly explained.

      This is two violations Meng Meng Immortal introduced. Because I have neglected management these years, and this family is not small, and the girl s mother is the elder of the clan, so I dare to be so arrogant Then Meng Bumiai revealed the background of the girl s family.

      What about the hostages What about Jiang Fan s safety Saying that he needs to be saved means that his father will be hurt.

      Even the real secret base doesn t need to lie to me. By the way, after all, I saved him and saved him.

      The two prison guards laughed triumphantly and left. Jiang Fan and the Najia earth corpse followed the 100 meter road.

      Uh, old man, then, what should we do Xiangxiang lowered her head when Jiang Fan said that this kind of occupation has a very low status outside.

      Damn, two headed boy, what the hell are you spraying out How can even rocks be corroded into smoke Najia soil corpse looked at the hole for a long time before being shocked.

      Xiaowen, check it out. As one horizon keto burn of the eight elders in the clan, you should strictly restrain your family.

      Business Old man, are you okay Lu Beibi was confused and surprised, and Wu Meili also looked at Jiang Fan inexplicably.

      Even if the top horizon keto burn thief breaks the password and enters, it is basically horizon keto burn impossible to take away the contents of the warehouse, horizon keto burn and there are only two best cleanse to lose weight fast Weight Loss Samples exits in the underground setting, no outsiders appear on the prison side, and no outsiders are found at the exit of the mansion It s just that he couldn t get in touch with Madam, which slim fast diet pills reviews made Lu Beibi at a loss as to how to explain to God Emperor Wu, saying that Madam s disappearance must be inappropriate, and if he asked about it, it would probably bring up some good things, and because he couldn t get in touch, it didn t mean that God Emperor Wu couldn t find Wu Meili City lord, my organization sent someone medical weight loss jupiter florida to lead your wife for a while, and told her to leave after being robbed of the location of the old man prisoner.

      Sister Xiaoya, do you best cleanse to lose weight fast Weight Loss Samples think the Lord of Lower Body Workout For Weight Loss best cleanse to lose weight fast Hongcheng is pretending to be in front of others In fact, he is full of male robbers and female prostitutes, vicious, vile, shameless, and committing all kinds of horizon keto burn crimes.

      Uh, old man, Xiangxiang can t do what you said Xiangxiang was startled, looked at Jiang Fan for a while and finally said with a dazed expression.

      At the same time, she knew that trouble was coming. Jiang Fan would never hand over the Nine Eyed Lingzhu.

      Wu Xiaoya couldn t help being a little surprised when she saw Xiangxiang, let alone Jiang Fan, best cleanse to lose weight fast Weight Loss Samples she really couldn t tell that she was a romantic woman, her looks and temperament seemed to be superior, horizon keto burn and her dress was even more elegant, so she couldn horizon keto burn t help but worry about Hong The city is the lord.

      Master People from the Giant God Clan recognize Lao Tzu as their master Jiang Fan Keto Pharmacy Diet Pills horizon keto burn was astonished and surprised.

      It doesn t matter if you can t remember the others. You can just bring your title in the title Mie thought about it.

      Wu Xiaoya s mentality has also been activated. That s okay, let Jiang Fan see if the Hongcheng City Lord is a good person, otherwise I m afraid that Jiang Fan s brother will be entangled.

      At the same time, the strategy was also changed, instead horizon keto burn of purely forcible annexation by force, it was changed to coercion and temptation, and the focus was on negotiating with the patriarch Meng Bumiai to persuade them to surrender, so as to recover the Monk tribe.

      The city lord Lu Beibi quickly poured 200,000 jade flower stones into Jiang Fan s empty talisman bag.

      It can form a real vita keto acv gummies reviews powerful and terrifying talisman array with a wave of hands and thoughts.

      We don t dare to delay or take the big road, so we can only take you to hide in the deep mountains temporarily.

      The security is tight. The housekeeper made sure of Li Yingjiao s identity and led the way much faster.

      I once heard from my father that there is a strange timed suicide spell in the God Rune Realm, but very few people know it, and most people don t want to learn it.

      The distance between the two boats was less than 10 meters. Jiang Fan looked There was a sly smile on the corner of Situ s mouth, it was time to do it.

      Elder Yuwen, don t worry, the patriarch asked me to come including this matter, you go, I ll take care of Lower Body Workout For Weight Loss best cleanse to lose weight fast Mens Weight Loss Pills Walmart horizon keto burn it here The guard Lou seemed to know what Elder Yuwen was going to say, and interrupted hastily.

      Go find a rune beast car, it will save time Li Yingjiao replied.

      The giant fish thought for a while and felt that it horizon keto burn made sense, and immediately felt it and said It should be horizon keto burn at least four or five thousand miles away from my home, so let s do what you said, but you have to stop when there is a branch of the river ahead Jiang Fan immediately held the giant fish and the Najia soil corpse and jumped onto the flying winged silver dragon to fly along the river.

      Your wife took away all her belongings and fled with her treasure Jiang Fan immediately affirmed.

      Reminded while reading the book. Uh, the master is right, the thing that can interest a city lord should be unusual, it should be him The Najia earth corpse thought for a while and agreed.

      It turned out that the mysterious man was hired MindMaster horizon keto burn by his father.

      It doesn t matter. God Lord Sikong Fu and the others want me, Huang Fu, Zhao Hui, and the idiot.

      Before she was in a hurry to do it, she just wanted to see what Jiang Fan knew.

      Butler, my father is going to send you a message soon Li Yingjiao didn t want the butler to be too embarrassed, and she had some feelings after staying in Hao White House for many years, so she hurriedly interrupted.

      Elder Yuwen didn t interrupt, watching his daughter coldly after finishing the treatment, he took her by the hand and walked towards the corner of the courtyard.

      It should be no problem physicians weight loss cost to absorb the Fushen King s seal, relying on his melee ability and the mastery of the five elements of the law to deal with the Fushen Emperor s realm, keto diet pills pros and cons but the Fushen Emperor still cannot compete.

      Wang Ba, Wu Gui, you bring a team of elites to patrol the city as a maneuver, and support where the situation is found at any time The city lord Bian Taikuang watched the large number of guards leave in several groups, and after thinking about it, he ordered a few confidants around him.

      These horizon keto burn people s whereabouts are uncertain and secretive. They only harvard weight loss pill move in Mens Weight Loss Pills Walmart horizon keto burn the deep mountains and dense forests.

      After a while, we will employ a large number of people, so you must pay close attention Then Jiang Fan warned.

      They ran out of patience and didn t care whether the big households and the city lord s mansion were on alert, so they decided to do it.

      The bustle was gone, and the crowd dispersed immediately. In the unlucky part of the small courtyard, a group of people were laughing and crying, holding the fragrant Najia earth corpse and shouting excitedly Damn, the master is too Mens Weight Loss Pills Walmart horizon keto burn clever, put the city lord and the city lord s wife into a mess, how cool it horizon keto burn is It s so exciting, so exciting, Boss, what should we do next, should we go to the gate of the city lord s mansion to throw dung again Zhao Hui suggested dancing.

      This made her feel so settled that she didn t even notice that her blouse was torn to reveal her belly pocket and her white lotus like arms, and she didn t even notice that the talisman bag in her bosom fell into the water and horizon keto burn floated away.

      When the guards rushed up to catch Jiang Fan, a rich family hurried weight loss calander to Elder Yuwen and whispered in his ear.

      Yes, but some disagree. No, it won t be long before people here will find Steward Gu passed out on the ground, they must seek medical treatment from a doctor, and they will find out the way.

      Old man Meng, what you said is not right. Didn t you say that you can t be completely sure that this news is true What if it is not true Compared with the magical talisman pill I gave you, it is a real benefit.

      Li Yingjiao said That s right, but that s the original story.

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