Laundry Club

Laundry club is one of the largest dry cleaning & laundry outfit in Singapore with 14 outlets island wide.



With thousands of laundry items to process everyday, clothes gone missing or getting delivered to the wrong outlet is a frequent occurrence. Prior to working with us, Laundry Club had difficulties tracking the dirty clothes at each stage of the cleaning journey.

Clothes from each outlet are picked up by driver
Driver sends clothes from each of the 14 outlets to the factory for cleaning & ironing
Driver receives dry-cleaned clothes & deliver them back to outlets

Since Laundry Club was not able to track each clothing in real time, clothes had frequently gone missing or were delivered to the wrong outlet. This upsets end customers, thereby impacting their business adversely. 

Web-based portal
Real-time inventory tracking
Know which clothes have been picked up by drivers for dry cleaning
Know whether clothes have been sent to factories for dry cleaning
Know whether the dry-cleaned clothes have been returned to the right outlets
Mobile application
Installed RFID laundry tags to account for clothes
Tracking of orders so he knows where to pick up clothes

Industries We Serve

Interior designing 
Food & Beverages
Cleaning & maintenance
Oil &