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Gas delivery company

Mega Gas is one of the leading gas delivery companies in Singapore serving both commercial & residential sectors. With a newly built LPG storage distribution centre able to house 150,000 litres of LPG cylinder to meet their growing demands, Mega Gas wanted to automate their entire operations so they deliver gas in the most optimal manner to their customers.


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Mega Gas

Mega gas services thousands of F&B outlets in Singapore. Keeping track of gas cylinders was done manually & inventory tracking was an impossible task. Every day, drivers collect new gas cylinders from their distribution centre & exchanged them with used cylinders from F&B outlets. Keeping track of the location of each cylinder & whether it's new or used is challenging since each cylinder has exchanged hands multiple times with different stakeholders
Gas meter reading does not tally with the actual gas volume in cylinder
Cash collection was a manual process between driver & F&B outlet
Not able to charge different prices to different customers
Web-based portal
Track their gas cylinders in real time
Understand gas usage patterns better so they can be proactive in supplying gas cylinders
as well as develop pricing tiers for customers based on their usage patterns
Mobile application for delivery driver
Plan delivery route efficiently
Each gas cylinder is tagged & accounted for
Real time asset tracking by scanning QR codes
Stock in process

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Interior designing 
Food & Beverages
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