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      On that day, his dr oz recommended ed supplements last trace trusted online pills review of reason kept warning him not to touch Murong s body.

      In fact, Zhang Yulin said this, although he was joking to make fun of it, but it was also thoughtful He wants to give Murong a vaccination first, and when he really finds out that Tianqiu has another girlfriend, he can also comfort her and say that he told you that he is very caring.

      Suddenly found that she is not only a beautiful young woman with a good figure, beautiful appearance and mature charm, but also full of a kind of temperament, a kind of temperament that makes people feel unattainable and not to be played with This is probably the reason why others appreciate it from afar, right Tian Qiu and Chang Bao had trusted online pills review Increased Sexual Confidence already had a drink, and they were going to drink with Cheng Huan later, so they just ordered a glass of orange juice.

      He was only here to save Tianchou, not to completely solve the problem for him, so when he was alone and there were more than ten people on the other side, he relied on his quick movements and quick hands to knock down a few of them first.

      Those who escaped just now were all his subordinates. After he surrounded me, this person came up to threaten me.

      So I sincerely want to exchange You friend, it is precisely because of this that I have no defense against you, so I just told you all my secrets.

      I wanted to wait for you to go drink together. I thought you would come out soon.

      Didn t you bring her dinner Tianchou s heart tightened, there were bodyguards following outside, and nothing would happen to her, but now at home, there are dr oz recommended ed supplements no bodyguards following closely No one is worth it if something goes wrong Damn, why didn t I think of this level However, Boss Ye was not at home today.

      One night a week later, in a room on the top floor of a hotel. Tianqiu is now drinking with Chang Bao on the balcony of this room.

      Tian Yu, can you think about it calmly You know Hai Ruo, and you know Murong.

      But it s different now, and now Boss Ye helped you out, so I m worried Tianchou pretended to be confused and smiled and said, What are you worried about Didn t you want me to take over from Boss Ye Does he think I m right for tips to cpa male enhancement offers you You Wenjie stared at Tianchou seriously, To tell you the truth, although we had some dr oz recommended ed supplements misunderstandings, I personally admire your style, your skills, courage and responsiveness.

      So I didn t bother to open the door. After a while, the people outside still didn t leave, and they still knocked on the door.

      Hearing that today is the Chinese New Year, Tian Qiu felt a little strange.

      People from our company live in several houses on this floor. The Zhang Yulin you have seen before also lives here.

      I have shared this directory. Tianchou nodded, indicating that he understood, and then started to work.

      Based on what he knew about Tian Qiu, and seeing Tian Yu was so beautiful, and it wasn t the first time he saw him, he seemed to understand a little bit.

      If you do it, if you pay a thousand yuan, no one will want it, and you will Male Enhancement Pills Side Effects dr oz recommended ed supplements want to work hard, as if you have really been humiliated but what if you pay 10 million yuan Everyone will feel that they have been fucked anyway, and they have already been fucked if they don t take it.

      Well, tell me your bottom line, and I ll think about it later. Solution dr oz recommended ed supplements I will try my best to speak well for you in the boardroom.

      Erectile dysfunction what to do?

      At the same time, her hands were tightly held by Tian Qiu, the stroking, the light rubbing Although Tian Qiu had no intention of doing so, to Murong, it was the hands of the opposite sex after all It was the hand of the opposite sex she liked in her heart So it still gave her a strange feeling in her heart.

      Okay, Hai Ruo, just let me go Come and teach me how to swim, okay Tianchou said with a flattering smile.

      She has attracted a lot of attention along the way. They are obviously not at the same level The few of them had secretly murmured that it would be great if Qin MindMaster dr oz recommended ed supplements Murong was Tianchou s girlfriend.

      Brother Seven, thank you. Tianchou patted He Qi on the shoulder. You ve been around He Womens Preferences For Penis Size dr oz recommended ed supplements Qi nodded, I ve seen it all. Tianchou forced a smile, not knowing what to say.

      But he heard another sentence I ll call and show off to her right now He almost got down on the ground, braked suddenly, and turned to look at her.

      So So you left the house and ran out Tianchou shook his head emotionally.

      But now it s almost dark, and there are basically no tourists on the mountain, because this is not a scenic spot, and people from nearby come to climb the mountain, and the parking lot is empty, so there is no need to check carefully.

      He wanted to sell those Coke cans to buy rice Tianqiu said faintly Said.

      Woman Depression Medicine Low Libido

      Those subordinates didn t stay, Tianchou waited for a while by himself, guessing that Ye Tianyu should be putting on makeup or something, he sighed secretly, he should have slept in the car and waited for her call, but he had already arrived at his destination anyway.

      You are dedicated to your family, and the conditions of your family make you feel inferior, so you have never considered anything for yourself, and you always wrap yourself up to prevent others from fully understanding you.

      The water is also given to you, you can have fun here Ye Tianyu didn t take Tian Qiu s angry words to heart, and actually sat down, but she pulled the stool to Tian Qiu s desk, admiring his angry appearance with great interest.

      Tianqiu remembers that Yijun is a relatively quiet person, but if she disagrees, her tone will be flat, but her attitude will be very firm.

      He slipped and fell beside Hai Ruo, the pool water hurt his eyes, he tried to open it, grabbed Hai Ruo s body, and pushed the motionless Hai Ruo up Tianchou knew that he didn t know how to hold or exhale underwater, and his strength would soon be exhausted.

      He already knew You Wenjie s background. Although he has a backer, the general gangsters may not dare to really touch him, but he is also a professional.

      Although he had Penis Enlargement Herbs trusted online pills review to worry about several people at the same time, now that the two of them are Penis Enlargement Herbs trusted online pills review fine, he can finally feel relieved.

      Tianqiu quickly took a piece of information that Zheng Xiaoqiu handed over, and quickly thanked him.

      The driver who was trying his best to crash the car realized the danger, braked hard, and finally stopped after hitting the sidewalk, and dr oz recommended ed supplements did not continue to hit.

      Where Can I Buy A Rhino Pill

      When they arrived at the gate, He Qi quickly got the car ready, while Murong couldn t help but look around distractedly, wanting to see if Tian Qiu had come.

      At this time, the eyes of the dr oz recommended ed supplements three people were all focused on Chang Bao s face, Tian Qiu also looked over Seeing Chang Bao like that, Menghua naturally understood his feelings in his heart, and felt dr oz recommended ed supplements very uncomfortable and sad, but she was A sane woman who has reached a sane age knows that it is impossible dr oz recommended ed supplements for the two of them.

      The two got into a taxi, and Tian Yu took them Womens Preferences For Penis Size dr oz recommended ed supplements to a place for dinner.

      I dr oz recommended ed supplements don t know if there was a hit or not. Broken nose. Cheng Huan blushed when he thought of his thoughts just now, it was just an accident, he didn t pay attention to anything Oh She responded, then ran to wash a towel and came over to Tianqiu.

      The man got his mouth free, no matter what happened, he immediately yelled Fuck Which birdman sneaked up on your grandpa Which turtle bastard You actually stuffed stinky socks in my mouth Liang Jialiang said coldly behind him If your mouth is not clean, believe it or not, I will stuff you with a sanitary napkin dr oz recommended ed supplements just used These words are more effective than any threat, that person immediately drugs not to take with viagra shut up, but now it is in the hands of others If you beat yourself up, you can still get back the game, if you stuff that thing in your mouth Fuck Disgusting forever Although he was fearless, he did not dare to take the risk.

      These days, if you have money, you can get all kinds of services, not to mention just buying clothes.

      It s better for me to choose one to give up the other than to get hurt together in the end.

      Usually, Murong would deal with some not very important but urgent matters, but now he had to deal with them.

      Seeing Tianchou s sad and guilty look, and hearing his self blaming words so seriously, Murong felt distressed besides apologizing.

      Tianchou shrugged, It is useful to sell to any type of company now.

      She didn t know what she should do. Her wish to see Tianchou again had come true, and she stayed by his side as she wished, helping him take care of things behind him.

      You said this, don t say I blackmailed you Of course, it s a deal.

      Zhang Yulin shook his head and said contemptuously No, she is a good girl, so don t act too hastily.

      Let me make a suggestion. Chang Bao saw that everyone was looking at Tianchou, but Tianchou hadn t made a statement, so he said The company must have a leading shareholder, otherwise, the direction decision making will easily go wrong.

      I m going back. After a while of rest, Hai Ruo remembered that it was getting late, and tried to support his limp body.

      Occasionally order a bunch for Murong and Cheng Huan. Although this seems a bit unfair to Murong and dr oz recommended ed supplements Cheng Huan, from their point of view, if they receive flowers from Heaven s Enmity every day, they will be really uneasy Now Tianqiu occasionally sends them in an anonymous way, but they themselves know it.

      He was thinking about how to explain to them and win their hearts back.

      What s that called Hai Ruo suddenly poked his head over to Tianchou s side in a funny way, and said in a low voice and affectionately, Your name is Xianggong husband What Tianqiu just put into his mouth almost spit out Hai Ruo didn t stop, looked up at him with a smile on his eyes, and said softly, Is Mrs.

      But when he called Murong, Murong didn t answer. Where did Murong go Tianchou asked Zhang Yulin immediately after entering the office.

      Tian, don t get me wrong, our boss has something to see you. One of them said to Tian Qiu very politely.

      They all hold the idea that it is enough to go through a period of time together happily.

      Boss Ye said MindMaster dr oz recommended ed supplements what he meant. Last time it was to force the sky to revenge, but now it is spoken in a negotiating blue gummies ed tone.

      thing. Tian Qiu was taken aback. At the beginning Tian Yu was always arguing with her and made her angry a lot, but ever since she said what she wanted, she never had such an attitude.

      Tian Qiu said with a serious look Based on the friendship between the Zheng family and your family, they can be regarded as relatives of your natal family.

      Therefore, the villa was dr oz recommended ed supplements not bought, and they still lived there, but because of the need to decorate the appearance, Tian Qiu s car was replaced by a high end car.

      Mother Xue nodded understandingly, and it was for this reason that she let dr oz recommended ed supplements her son work in Europe.

      A girl who has just fallen in love may not care about all the consequences, as MindMaster dr oz recommended ed supplements long as she is with the person she loves.

      If Murong hadn t been trusted online pills review Increased Sexual Confidence by his side to remind him, it is really possible for a nouveau riche like himself to spend money lavishly.

      Murong is a frugal person, but not a stingy person. Although she dr oz recommended ed supplements has always advocated frugality, it platinum swag pill is also a waste of money for individuals, and this can be said to be a kind of welfare and reward for dick pillar of the plains the hard work of employees, so naturally she will not be stingy.

      What Cheng Huan understood. He didn t have dr oz recommended ed supplements any excessive purpose for her, but she couldn t accept this.

      sad It s just that he doesn t know that Murong already knows that Tianqiu has a girlfriend, and he doesn t know that besides Murong, Tianqiu also has Ye Tianyu, and the relationship is also very troublesome With a smile on the corner of Murong s mouth, he asked in a low voice Is what you said true Yes You see, I have been the best to you since I was a child, haven t I Zhang Yulin winked and said earnestly, then dr oz recommended ed supplements lowered dr oz recommended ed supplements his voice a little and said, So, when I came back and heard that you were working beside him, I felt very sorry.

      The others smiled awkwardly and said they were already full. Hearing what they said, Xue Yi was not polite and asked someone to take away the plate immediately.

      He was also not sure if Murong liked him, but after hearing Zhang Yulin s analysis last night, he was still a little worried.

      When you have a dr oz recommended ed supplements replacement, you will naturally let it go. But you have been unwilling to try to accept the replacement.

      It would be bad if you were treated as a sex monster What Cheng Huan threw on Tianchou was just a black dr oz recommended ed supplements garbage bag, so naturally it couldn t cause him any harm.

      You dr oz recommended ed supplements Top Ranked Male Enhancement Pills grew up in a different environment than mine, and it s understandable that you have different values.

      With the success of this business, all the employees of MindMaster dr oz recommended ed supplements Tianyou Womens Preferences For Penis Size dr oz recommended ed supplements Investment understood the Health Flow Male Enhancement Pills direction of the boss.

      If this continues, when can I go back and take a look Heavenly enmity doesn t matter, but the old dean is getting older every year Hey Don t say that if I don t get angry, you just go back to the orphanage.

      Now if he goes in, it will be even more interesting He thought for a while, took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Murong, saying that his mood hadn t taboo for him male sexual enhancement proprietary blend calmed down, but it had improved, and asked her to wait a little longer before he calmed down and went in.

      If you bully me like just now, don t count on it Tianchou remembered what she said just now that there would be fun games tonight, and couldn t help asking What do you mean by fun games just now Hai Ruo smiled immediately, Secret it Then he ate.

      No I know Brother Bao is rich, fierce natural male enhancement but it s a matter of appearance, and I won t give anyone face Brother Fang said coldly, with a very tough attitude.

      In fact, you are penis enhancement pump very beautiful yourself Murong smiled, changed the subject and said That Miss Ye is the daughter of an entrepreneur.

      Although she felt relieved, the sadness in her heart couldn t lie dr oz recommended ed supplements to herself After New Year s Day, Tianqiu continued to work and go to work as usual.

      Murong Come in Tianchou greeted with a smile. Murong looked inside, then smiled shyly, and the best chinese sex pills said in a low voice No need.

      Only then did Chang Bao realize that Tian Qiu actually wanted to help these two people with good intentions, dr oz recommended ed supplements but they would definitely not appreciate it, so he couldn t help giving Tian Qiu a clever thumbs up.

      Don t believe me, I used to be very strong and agile, and I was an important thug by the boss s side.

      Men and women alike. What are you looking MindMaster dr oz recommended ed supplements at I have flowers on my face Cheng Huan had stopped patting, seeing Tianchou staring at him in a daze, reaching for a towel to wipe off the water stains on the back of his neck.

      So at dinner time, it was time Penis Enlargement Herbs trusted online pills review for everyone to formally face each other.

      After Tian Qiu got into the car, dr oz recommended ed supplements he also drove a car and followed quietly.

      Well, you know the former boss, you must be a regular customer here, it doesn t matter, our flower shop will still serve you You provide a better service than before.

      Why do you still miss Amei That s because you and Amei are genuine.

      Ye If one day I get into a fight with Hai Ruo, who has learned taekwondo, because of jealousy, which one will be stronger At that time, it will be troublesome for me to help break up the fight, and I will be attacked by two people Fortunately, the two of them have no tendency to hit their husbands, or else What are you thinking Tianqiu shook his head and sobered up for a while.

      Since she is doing dr oz recommended ed supplements related work every day, no one in the entire company knows the details of the company better than Murong, so she doesn t need to search for information at dr oz recommended ed supplements all, she just sorts it out in her mind and types out the text.

      Mother Xue came from a wealthy family, so the money naturally wouldn t surprise her, but she was quite surprised to know that it was earned a month after Tianchou resigned.

      Just when he was about to call He Qi, someone patted him on the shoulder.

      He has been busy all afternoon he is guilty, sad, and worried All kinds of situations have long made his body unable to support Yes, he kept looking for Hai Ruo with his physical strength, but his spirit was barely supporting him.

      Hai Ruo took Tianchou to introduce him. Hello dr oz recommended ed supplements Chairman Cough, what do you call Chairman at home Zheng Yilong couldn t help shaking his head and laughing, Just call him the same as Hai Ruo girl.

      For Tian Yu s sake, see For the sake of knowing you before, I will give you a chance Tian Qiu saw that the always calm and serious Ye Lao even scolded Guizi in Sichuan dialect, it seemed that he was really angry I couldn t help but really worried, and when I heard him say five motorcycles quartering corpses, obviously he asked someone to do a realistic simulation version of five horses quartering corpses God What opportunity Needless to say, he could guess what Ye Boss was trying to say, but Tianchou still asked.

      Sure enough, without her asking, the kind italian male actor Murong suggested that Tianchou send her back.

      Qiao Zhenfei Both Xie Ping and Xie Ping had a trace of jealousy and resentment.

      Tianchou thought for a while, then nodded, That s right, your kid has improved.

      If you want to hit me, you can dr oz recommended ed supplements do it at any time. It s better than leaving so many witnesses here and waiting.

      Hmph You guys are sweet now, and you don t need my help, so you can bully me at will, right Cheng Huan said sullenly.

      Tian Qiu secretly smiled, this surname is always so strange. Well, Mr.

      Tianchou explained sternly hung mei red box sex pill It doesn t have to be a pornographic place.

      Yes, but people don t pay enough attention to it on New Year s Day.

      In this excitement, apart from anger and anger, there was also There is also a poignant dr oz recommended ed supplements sweetness.

      Another reason is that I feel very confused about my future and want to To find a purpose in life.

      You take a break En. Murong lowered his head, agreeing in a mosquito like voice.

      Die Go find them Suddenly, Hai dr oz recommended ed supplements Ruo seemed to regain his anger, turned around and punched Tian Qiu in the face Before the fist landed on the face, Tian Qiu saw the angry look on Hai Ruo s face, and he relaxed a little.

      Hey, hello, hello Hai Ruo hurriedly called out, Are you polite Why did you run in Tianchou shrugged his shoulders, dr oz recommended ed supplements and said innocently I m very polite, I ve already knocked on the door, Huanhuan came to answer the door.

      How long are you going to lie to me Hai Ruo roared. There is not only sadness and sadness in her eyes, but also strong anger Seeing Hai Ruo s gaze, Tianchou lowered his eyelids guiltyly, and said nervously, I don t know what s going on Didn t you invite me here Why are they here His justification is weak and weak, not only can t explain anything, it even more indirectly reflects the relationship between him and the other two girls But Tianchou couldn t be blamed for this, could he say, I don t know the two of them, or I m just friends with them That would also make the other two sad, so I can only be vague.

      Tell me, what s your plan, you big villain Tianchou thought for a while, but didn t say on the phone, How about this, Male Enhancement Pills Side Effects dr oz recommended ed supplements let s have lunch together, and Womens Preferences For Penis Size dr oz recommended ed supplements we ll talk after we meet.

      The two of them have listened carefully to Tianchou s explanation, and Tianchou continued We have successfully dug up the three most important professional masters.

      Since they haven t been contacted yet, Tianchou is still very worried.

      Tianchou stretched out his head to have a look, and asked puzzledly, What s so strange dr oz recommended ed supplements It Male Enhancement Pills Side Effects dr oz recommended ed supplements s a very common style The driver frowned and said puzzledly, This car is very familiar Tianqiu was about to say, When is it now, do you still care about whether a car is familiar to you Back up quickly, and drive by the side, the driver s last words made him not Male Enhancement Pills Side Effects dr oz recommended ed supplements say it When we were on the red light all the way just now, I seemed to see this car parked not far behind us It seems to have followed us for a long time.

      Murong didn t smile, and asked seriously You admit that you used it to bribe that General Manager Xu Tianchou nodded, Don t talk about bribery, this is a deal.

      Tian Qiu carefully walked to the balcony, hung up the phone, and quickly dialed Ye Tianyu.

      Tian Qiu glared at him, What can be done Murong is drunk, I asked the Womens Preferences For Penis Size dr oz recommended ed supplements waitress to help her Womens Preferences For Penis Size dr oz recommended ed supplements settle down Of course I can t let her have trouble Zhang Yulin couldn t help but muttered It s nice to say, but in terms of time, there is time for everything Besides, Murong needs to have good looks and a good figure, and he likes you so much, it s no wonder he can control it Tianqiu pushed trusted online pills review Increased Sexual Confidence him Okay, do I trusted online pills review look like that Nothing happened Of organic male enhancement course someone like that Zhang Yulin shrugged and muttered.

      Then you must come Li Bin greeted with a smile and did not disturb them.

      He stretched out his hand to touch it, and there were burning pains in the left and right chests.

      Just when Manager Wang opened the door of a private room, Tian Qiu suddenly saw a person coming out of a certain room, and he turned out to be another acquaintance This is Chang Bao, Tian Qiu has already told him, so there is no need to avoid suspicion with him.

      While Tianchou was waiting for a taxi, the man had already got dr oz recommended ed supplements into the car, with the earphone wire hanging on his ear, ready to answer the phone at any time.

      Hey Tianchou glared at him dissatisfied, I m still waiting for you, a dog headed military strategist, to come up with an idea What Call me a dog headed military division Still want me to give you advice Zhang Yulin pointed at his nose and yelled.

      Of course he didn t dare to cause trouble in places he wasn t very familiar with.

      He is now trying to recall the scene in his dream last night. Is that dream meaningless, or is it related to today Tian Qiu vaguely remembered that he dreamed of two glasses of red wine, one of which was given a pill, but he didn t dream of who gave it, or he might have forgotten it.

      Since then, you have left a deep impression on me Later you also thought about dr oz recommended ed supplements it.

      Not only what food makes ur dick bigger could he feel that his chest was being held up by two plump things, he could also feel that they were squeezed and deformed, and he could even feel the peak shape Murong was obviously only wearing pajamas, it was very tempting to think about it, let alone in his arms Tian Qiu only felt his body start to heat up, and while continuing to kiss, his other hands began to move away from Murong s back This is not the first time the two of them have had such close contact, but they have never reached this level before, and it is just a matter of point.

      I m actually pills to prevent premature ejaculation very sincere. I m just telling you the worst outcome and letting you weigh it yourself.

      Cheng Huan is also from Tomorrow Group, and he doesn t understand the grievances between him and Xie Ping, so he can only avoid talking primal performance male enhancement to her.

      To be together for a dr oz recommended ed supplements long time, Tian Yu would definitely not be willing to share her boyfriend with Hai Ruo, not to mention Hai Ruo, who can bear to share a boyfriend with someone after encountering betrayal After thinking about it for a long time without any result, Tianqiu knew that there would be dr oz recommended ed supplements no chance of peaceful coexistence, and he might lose Hai Ruo in the end.

      This You Wenjie is obviously not the You Wenjie from Hong Kong, but the name is probably exactly the same It s okay, it doesn t matter, the name is just a code name, the important thing is that the three of them are all the masters I need.

      Tianyu said with a sigh, as if he had figured out something suddenly, You are right, my dad I will grow old eventually.

      You Wenjie looked over again when he saw Tian Qiu s gaze, dr oz recommended ed supplements and smiled slightly, Don t worry, brother Qiu I won t plot against you, I value friends the most, and I like to make friends with you who are smart and forthright How can I trouble you Tian Qiu said lightly Thank you so much, Mr.

      Hehe, we also had dinner together just now. She said and sat on the chair next to Chang Bao.

      Tian Yu didn dr oz recommended ed supplements t worry about his anger this time, instead he said with a trusted online pills review Increased Sexual Confidence smile Anyway, I m not your girlfriend, and you don t care about me, so why should I care if you re angry You re angry, it s none of my business.

      She felt that it was a very happy thing to do things for Tianchou.

      Zhang Yulin does blood flow increase size gave Tianchou a serious look, What are you doing You want to cover up dr oz recommended ed supplements your ugly face Male Enhancement Pills Side Effects dr oz recommended ed supplements Murong Don t be afraid, brother Yulin will protect you Murong couldn t help being dr oz recommended ed supplements amused by him, Please Zhang Yulin, isn dr oz recommended ed supplements t this too exaggerated Originally, Murong and Tianchou were usually together, so they seemed a bit reserved.

      In order to save time, Tianchou tried his best to taste Hai Ruo s charming and trusted online pills review Increased Sexual Confidence infinite jade body, giving her the necessary stimulation, while grabbing her little hand and guiding her to untie her underwear.

      Hee hee, after climbing the mountain today, you feel better, don t you Keep swimming Swimming can also relax your muscles.

      You ve seen Murong s appearance. Tianqiu said distressedly. So you have to be sincere, since you ve only been here for a day, how can you be considered sincere Zhang Yulin said with an trusted online pills review Increased Sexual Confidence air of superiority Think about it, they were very sad and angry at first, but gradually they will calm down a bit.

      He wanted to restore himself to the state of the previous few days after waking up.

      Although it was a forced hug, he already felt very fulfilled and satisfied.

      When only Tian Qiu and Chang Bao were left, they relaxed even more.

      Although his gaze was still indifferent, the peaceful and lonely expression on his face had become like the old Qin whom Tianchou had just met Old Qin Tianchou was a little excited, and shook hands with Boss Ye.

      Seeing a mature, stable and peerless man like me, he will naturally look a little admired, and it falls in your dr oz recommended ed supplements eyes Zhang Yulin sweated wildly, sighed and said Boss, don t be disgusting with me, okay A mature, stable and peerless man just you Vomit Just after finishing speaking, he dr oz recommended ed supplements said suspiciously By the way, why are you analyzing people s vigilance Are you so concerned about her Don t deny it, Penis Enlargement Herbs trusted online pills review your wolf eyes often aim at different people.

      Boss Ye finally appeared, and Tianqiu leaned against the wall automatically, and said casually Come on, are you going to call some people to deal with me I, Tianqiu, will never cry out in pain.

      Intend. By the way, Dad didn t drink too much, did he Hai Ruo asked again, changing the subject.

      At this moment, the heartbroken Ye Tianyu on the other side was crying with tears streaming down her face, and her mobile phone had been thrown under her feet.

      Murong said softly You don t need to put so much pressure on me. I believe you can arrange everything.


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