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      If you making your dick bigger with out pills still want to drown yourself in water, I will male cleavage enhancement really drink all the water in the pool I would rather drink me to death than let them drown you. making your dick bigger with out pills

      In fact, he knew in his heart, what else could happen Isn t it because Ye Tianyu was angry and cried in the afternoon He can go to comfort Tian Yu, but he will never succumb to the majesty of Boss Ye.

      Hearing that today is the Chinese New Year, Tian Qiu felt a little strange.

      He nodded, Very good, it s good if you can think that way, it s better Buy Sildenafil Online From Uk male cleavage enhancement to lose weight again, and then seriously find a sister in law to live with.

      He was still reading his magazine, completely ignoring Tian Qiu who had come to the house.

      When Tianchou took a taxi to the bathing place, it was already brightly lit, and he didn t know much about this kind of place.

      Huh Here Tian Yu frowned, and said with a mournful face I watch TV, this kind of place is very messy and not fun.

      As for the shares, I think you have all the other benefits It will be more convenient for you to make decisions and implement any plan.

      After a stalemate for a while, he finally couldn t help but said, You d better sit in peace, it won t do you any good if you get into a car accident, you sit in the car too.

      You how did you come here Tian Yu looked at Tian Qiu in a little bewilderment.

      You go out first, and I will come to you when you need help. Tianqiu said simply, and then fell into thinking.

      Regarding Xue Yi s tough and rude attitude, Tian Qiu directly refuted, but he couldn t refuse Xue s mother s suggestion.

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      If my company doubles MindMaster making your dick bigger with out pills again, I won t be twice as happy, and if the company goes bankrupt, I don t know what to do, all natural male enhancement herbs swanson and I may not have the will to start over.

      At work that day, when Xiaoshi was in the office when no one was there, she suddenly came in mysteriously.

      He frowned, was he walking around looking for it I still found a car and drove slowly.

      The more unlucky you are, the easier it is to bump into ghosts Tian Qiu was worried about Ye Tianyu s affairs, but when they went upstairs, the phone rang, and it was Ye Tianyu s call Tian Qiu was angry, or should I say bored, so he ignored it and cut it off.

      Call the police. Tian Qiu said lightly. He hesitated for a while before asking the driver to call the police.

      First, give up Miss Xue and the other two, and stay with Miss Tian Yu seriously second, give up Tian Yu and the other two, and stay with Miss Xue.

      If I lost Hai Ruo and the others, I would have no sense of accomplishment even if I owned a large multinational company Tianchou kept thinking making your dick bigger with out pills about this question, and his depressed heart became more and more hot.

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      I will deal with it myself. Your client Brother Fang was a little surprised that Tianchou dared to talk to him like that, and his sharp eyes turned to Tianchou.

      Seeing her expression, Tianchou knew that even if he didn t become a boyfriend and girlfriend, he would be close.

      She is not the kind of arrogant and domineering lady who will making your dick bigger with out pills not order people to buy.

      You, I m not qualified to be your friend yet You Wenjie said with a smile Don t say that, I still appreciate your style of doing things, I don t care about it, are you less tolerant than me Tianqiu didn t understand what his intentions were, but now was not the time to confront him head on, so he natural alternative to viagra gnc could only let go of his topic first, and said to the big mouth My friend, I see that you are very disrespectful to so many bosses here.

      Brother Tian, I ll just go find it, and I need you to come and meet me Chang Bao said with a smile.

      A wise man who looks down on life and death. Maybe he making your dick bigger with out pills can give himself some good advice Old Lan, you are right, I just want The Best Viagra Pills making your dick bigger with out pills to avoid some problems, or I want to think about some solutions alone Tianchou honestly admitted his situation.

      But you have to recover You still have important responsibilities Hearing Murong s words, Tianchou s heart was shocked, yes, even if it making your dick bigger with out pills was making your dick bigger with out pills a mistake, it has already happened, so what s the use of guilt Since Murong faced it firmly and perfected himself wholeheartedly, how black male enhancement could he let her down Being a man should focus on feelings, but when is it now Tomorrow s meeting is related to the future of the company, to his own future, and also to making your dick bigger with out pills his and Hai Ruo s future.

      Xu You s heart moved, wanting to bribe me Xiaotian, you are joking, why do you want to compensate me Tian Qiu said Rhino Sexually making your dick bigger with out pills with a aloe increase penis size smile Mr.

      Although he really wanted to side with Xue Yi making your dick bigger with out pills and Xie Ping to fight all day long, the relationship was too big now.

      The little girl said seriously, Our place is far away from the town, and it is not easy for you to walk here.

      Tianqiu left the hotel alone. He was with Chang Bao when he came, so he was naturally safe.

      After more than three months, plus the previous two months, Tianchou calculated that he had been out for half a year, and decided not to continue playing.

      Alas, his life is eating, pulling, making your dick bigger with out pills and sleeping Tianchou shook his head and sighed with a smile.

      Chang Bao sighed with a smile, and then Seriously said With the guidance of a professional psychologist, I believe that I can adjust my outlook on life.

      After getting off the car, Murong was very happy, seeing making your dick bigger with out pills Stay Hard Erection Pills the bustling crowd, except for the locals, most booster pills of them were tourists from other places, and there were even many foreigners.

      Even though their drivers couldn t see the car below, they had already pushed the car to death.

      After speaking, he pulled Li Bin away. Watching them walk towards a nearby alley, Tian Qiu finally breathed a sigh of relief.

      Tianqiu stood there for a while, letting himself calmly recall what happened tonight.

      Tianchou saw that she didn t seem to be joking, so he quickly explained Two police officers, I am her boyfriend, and she is joking.

      In the end, Tianqiu followed making your dick bigger with out pills the dean and Murong to visit the current orphanage and the children in it.

      So I sincerely want to exchange You friend, it is precisely because of this that I have no defense against you, so I making your dick bigger with out pills just told you all my secrets.

      Watching her spoon slowly disappear between Tian Yu s delicate lips, and his fingers were only an inch away from those seductive lips, Tian Qiu couldn t help but get angry It s not anger, it s a nameless evil fire Tian Qiu felt that his throat was a little dry, and his body began to heat up.

      Occasionally, if you don t call for a day, hehe, maybe they will worry about whether something happened to you.

      Ah Hai Ruo yelled softly, Buy Sildenafil Online From Uk male cleavage enhancement and then wanted to break free from Tianchou s embrace, and kept saying, Don t mess around, my parents may come back at any time um I won t swim anymore, I take you making your dick bigger with out pills Stay Hard Erection Pills back Tianqiu was leaning against the edge of the swimming pool at this time, how could she break free He whispered I have learned the first lesson today, and I will learn the rest next time He rubbed Hai Ruo s body hard while speaking.

      What s that called Hai Ruo suddenly poked his head over to Tianchou s side in a funny way, and said in a low voice and affectionately, Your name is Xianggong husband What Tianqiu just put into his mouth almost spit out Hai Ruo didn t stop, looked up at him with a smile on his eyes, and said softly, Is Mrs.

      After being silent for a while, Hai Ruo glanced at Tianchou and said in a low voice, I know what you re thinking Let me tell you, the one you saw at the airport is my cousin, so I won t be like you Her The tone is still a little excited.

      However, they didn t expect that the profits would be so large. At first, they always thought that going public would create big profits, but it turned out that they completely believed in Tianqiu s theory.

      By the way, you didn t agree, did you I don making your dick bigger with out pills t agree What do you think Can I not agree Chang Bao smiled mischievously.

      Not only was she annoyed at Tian Qiu s attitude, but she also felt worthless for making your dick bigger with out pills herself and Hai Ruo.

      Murong laughed a little self deprecatingly. Tianqiu nodded silently, it can be seen that in order to save money for the making your dick bigger with out pills orphanage, Murong should also be a type of student who studied quietly and kept away from fashion and vanity when he was studying.

      Added, Actually, it s inconvenient for your sister to contact him again, so it s good for you to comfort him, but it s best not to talk about your sister s situation again, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

      What s the pity I can do anything for you, but it s not something I did deliberately for you.

      After Tianqiu turned on the computer, he saw a photo of Tianyu making a funny face on the desktop of the computer.

      How long are you going to hide from me Tianchou smiled embarrassedly, Mr.

      Although she didn t know what Tianchou was thinking, she could be sure that he was thinking about important issues.

      Although the other employees heard that Tianqiu spent a lot of money to hire a few experts, they carefully checked their bottom line and found that it was nothing more than that, which made them a little The Best Viagra Pills making your dick bigger with out pills disappointed.

      Even if they are still angry, seeing them once in a her dick bigger than any man while can relieve a little bit of his miss.

      Could it be that this kid is perfunctory me One of the purposes of wanting me to play outside for a longer period of time is to make me forget about them, so that I won t be unbearable to see this scene when I come back Thinking about it like making your dick bigger with out pills this made Tian Qiu almost go crazy, he didn t dare to think about it.

      Now Tianqiu just wants her to go back immediately, and don t let Boss Ye misunderstand, so he can only say sincerely Okay, I will officially promise you now, and making your dick bigger with out pills I will tell you next time.

      Why do you say that Tian Qiu couldn t help asking. He Qi quick male enhancement pills said lightly I feel.

      Because they know the information of this customer, they only rely on the other party s own website, the webpage information that has been searched, and the specific situation is still unknown.

      Of Rhino Sexually making your dick bigger with out pills course Tian making your dick bigger with out pills Yu male cleavage enhancement How Long Do Wicked Male Enhancement Pills Last heard what he started to say and gave him a blank look without really blaming him.

      Hai Ruo, you are here. Entering the door, I heard a delicate female voice.

      A very formal greeting came out from behind. Tianqiu couldn t help but look back, and seeing Aken s dark skin, which set off the white teeth exposed, was smiling at himself, and he smiled too.

      What is this Ah, this is After seeing the gift in his hand clearly, Tian Yu looked at Tian Qiu in surprise.

      Murong didn t dare to look at Tianchou more, lowered his eyelids, his face was still flushed with blush, he looked extraordinarily cute and alluring.

      This morning, Tian Qiu called Murong and Yu Lin together. Due to making your dick bigger with out pills the huge expansion of the staff, it was impossible to move the big office for a while, so the big office outside was full of people, but Zhang Yulin still squeezed into the manager s office.

      Chang Bao smiled wryly, and nodded helplessly. Now it s three on one, and he can t tolerate resistance.

      I have more opportunities to get close to you. I also know your girlfriend and noticed Sister Murong s love for you.

      On this occasion, Chang Bao is the real shareholder who doubled the start up capital of Tianchou.

      Your godfather will personally punish you You got AIDS Best Male Enhancement Pills Otc from being a chicken, and you were caught by the police when you went making your dick bigger with out pills out You Wenjie s face darkened, Heavenly revenge Don t go too far Tian Qiu said coldly It s you who went too far If you ve come out to mess around, and you don t even have faith, what else do you have You can t do what you promised, so what face do you have to mess around If If you can do it, why are you afraid of such a making your dick bigger with out pills poisonous oath You Wenjie fixed his eyes on Tianchou, and Tianchou stared at him coldly.

      What do you want to do The driver asked coldly, showing no sign of fear.

      Although he didn t feel threatened by Murong, Hai Ruo still subconsciously revealed an inherent female attitude, that is, to emphasize her identity in front of her boyfriend s friends The tone of her speech now is obviously much closer than usual, because these are Tianqiu s social circles, she has no worries.

      Hearing this, he immediately Understand it as provoking a relationship between the two Can t help being angry in my heart, said in a deep voice Did Cheng Huan also send the next text message No, it seems to be very late.

      seriously She said that her family needs money, and she will face this problem sooner or later, but making your dick bigger with out pills I don t have money, and I can t help her when she needs money.

      Sometimes when Tianchou sighs, he can t help thinking making your dick bigger with out pills Stay Hard Erection Pills Does the so called monogamy system refer to one husband, one wife, or does it mean that a man can have one wife, one wife If it is the latter, then it should be possible to have two wives at the same time Although such an explanation makes him yearn for it, of course he understands that this can only be fantasized, environment is only one aspect, and talent is the most important factor And now my emotional debt, it seems that two indicators are not enough Murong has been busy these days with the sale of the company, male cleavage enhancement How Long Do Wicked Male Enhancement Pills Last and he only sees Tian Qiu occasionally every day.

      This is a relationship, not an investment. I don t want to Tianchou frowned.

      The two got Buy Sildenafil Online From Uk male cleavage enhancement into a taxi, and Tian Yu took them to a place for dinner.

      Even if You Wenjie didn t give orders, they might Will make trouble for himself, so let him clean up.

      He quickly got up, pressed on You Wenjie s body at once, then grabbed his head, and slammed it hard against the sofa Tianqiu bumped him a few times, knocking You Wenjie who was half unconscious, and then took the golden bell can cialis and viagra be taken together cover on the sofa, stuffed one making your dick bigger with out pills of the making your dick bigger with out pills cups into his mouth, and wrapped making your dick bigger with out pills it around the top brain enhancement pills shoulder strap of the bra.

      Boss Ye, if you don t know how to find me, what s your order Tian Qiu poured water on his body, and then asked directly.

      She knew in her heart that making your dick bigger with out pills if Tianqiu didn t want to go in, it wouldn t make any sense to force him to go in.

      Auntie, I just answered a phone call. The company has some important matters to deal with immediately, so I have to leave first.

      When he was about to get home, Hai Ruo slowed down, and said to Tian Qiu nervously Tian Qiu, how about we do this Tianchou said confidently Don t worry, the person we are courting tonight is your mother anyway, so we don t have to be so concerned about your father s opinion, as long as your what is male enhancement mean mother is satisfied with me.

      Murong smiled softly, What s your name early in the morning Hehe, I m really not used to seeing you coming to work in the morning.

      next to the car. Seeing the police coming out, the drivers were startled before they could make a sound.

      Although this drunk cat is very beautiful, it is very tiring to serve, and I don t have that kind of thought.

      Tianqiu knows a lot of tricks, and he also knows a lot, so in In terms of pleasing girls, it is still very successful.

      Who is it Tianchou looked at the time, and it turned out to be now, the time has come He hurriedly packed his things.

      Tianchou smiled, I m just worried about you, and I m afraid that something will happen to you.

      Hee hee, are you afraid that you will hug the dean and cry Tianchou pointed at her It s here now Murong suppressed a smile and said I don t want to say anything.

      Go out first Xiaoshi The Best Viagra Pills making your dick bigger with out pills looked at him with a sad face, but Tianqiu didn t male impotence natural remedies respond at all, and didn t say anything, so she had no choice but to turn around and go out.

      The question that making your dick bigger with out pills had troubled him what is the most popular breast enhancement pills for more than a day finally had an answer.

      Even if he is not afraid of Ye Dao s boss status, he must be afraid of girlfriend s father status.

      Zhang Yulin stopped feeling emotional, and said in a very serious low voice Hai Ruo listened to my advice in the end, and thought to go back first, but left a word, let me pass it on to you It s nonsense again Hurry up Tianchou wanted to hear what Hai Ruo had to say.

      By the time Tianchou drove back to the city listlessly, it was getting late, and he was about to call Xue s house to inquire about the situation, but Xue s mother had already called him erectile dysfunction drugs sale in us first, asking if he had found Hai Ruo, because MindMaster making your dick bigger with out pills Hai Ruo Haven t come home yet Tianchou told his result helplessly, and he couldn t find Hai Ruo after searching for a long time.

      The two can go together for a while, but in the end they still have to go separately.

      Ken was stunned, then smiled and said Of course, no problem. He thought for a while and seemed to understand something, then smiled and said Don t worry, we didn t follow your friend.

      Tian Yu wanted to ask him what the Rhino Sexually making your dick bigger with out pills other reason was, but she was making your dick bigger with out pills too embarrassed to ask, as there were still making your dick bigger with out pills tears on her face, wouldn t she show weakness to him by asking him like this no Can t ask him Tian Yu tried her best to raise her head, but didn t speak.

      The set goal is to come back in a month. On the night of his arrival, Tianqiu didn making your dick bigger with out pills t feel any difference, cuckold bigger white dick homemade and he didn t think too much about it.

      Is that what you think of me as a person Looking down and seeing Tian Yu holding back tears, he suddenly felt a pain in his heart, hugged her tighter with both hands, and leaned his head against Tian Yu s head.

      You ve seen Murong s appearance. Tianqiu said distressedly. So you have to be sincere, since you ve only been here for a day, how can you be considered sincere Zhang Yulin said with an air of superiority Think about it, they were very sad and angry making your dick bigger with out pills at first, but gradually they male cleavage enhancement will calm down a bit.

      Now that he heard his explanation in person, he was inevitably more excited.

      Tian Qiu seemed so embarrassed to blush when he saw her phone call, he agreed and said, Okay, I ll send you a message later.

      Hai Ruojiao said angrily, Okay, if you dare to call me a goblin, let s see how I deal with it later You are clearly an awesome goblin Hehe Before he finished speaking, Hai Ruo had already jumped over and pressed him on the bed, and making your dick bigger with out pills the powder fist began to greet Tian Qiu s generous chest.

      Now it is possible to surpass Xin Yi an to become the number one. Now Youjia s power and financial resources are still difficult for other gangs to compete, but Fourteen K, He Shenghe has a large number of members after all, and they all look down on them.

      Seeing this scene, Tian Qiu, who was planning to go in, had to give up.

      The next day, when Tian Qiu woke up, it was already daylight. When he saw a half naked beauty beside him, he couldn t help being shocked If you take a closer look, you can t say it is a half naked beauty, it can be said to be a naked beauty She was only wrapped in a crumpled short one piece dress, and the front was wide open, and she was wearing nothing inside Except for the back, everything else is exposed, can it still making your dick bigger with out pills be called half naked Tian Qiu s drowsy mind has woken up.

      She couldn t help looking at Lu Yawen with interest. Tianchou smiled and said, Lu Yawen, I haven t seen you for a long time.

      Anyway, the two of them are close buddies, and it is easy to get flustered when they turn around.

      Although Rhino Sexually making your dick bigger with out pills she would no longer be inseparable from old age and death in the future, it was still an endless trouble Are you not afraid that I will treat you like that again Tianchou asked cautiously and tentatively.

      Look, look, Comrade Murong has recognized your making your dick bigger with out pills face Zhang Yulin said to Tianchou.

      Of course Tian Qiu understood Chang Bao s meaning, Cheng Huan and Murong had no backing, if Boss Ye wanted to touch them, he would have no worries at Rhino Sexually making your dick bigger with out pills all, so the only one who could compete with Tian Yu was Hai Ruo.

      smiled. Hai Ruo recalled the situation when he said it at that time, and was a little shy, and said coquettishly, Also Remember, come pick me up after get making your dick bigger with out pills off work Zheng Xiaoqiu is his good teacher and friend, Bole, even after making your dick bigger with out pills leaving Tomorrow Group, he has helped him making your dick bigger with out pills making your dick bigger with out pills a lot, so Tianchou still respects him very much.

      Hai Ruo didn t expect him to be so angry, and looked at him in astonishment, until he saw that he was not joking, but was really angry and yelled at himself She couldn t help feeling sore, what do you mean You can joke with me, but I can t joke with you What are you doing Losing your temper Hai Ruo couldn t help saying angrily.

      Let s catch up first. He turned on the computer by himself. Zhang Yulin deliberately lowered his voice and said to Murong Qin Murong, I know you have been careless since you were a child.

      Although Dazui speaks freely, he is not an idiot. Now he understands that Song Kui and the others are not the ones messing with him, and You Wenjie and the others don t seem to give him any face at all.

      He immediately took off his clothes and went to take a shower. He smiled and said, What else can I do According to your idea, just open a room for her to rest in that hotel, and let me carry her go back Since this is a two person residence now, there is no such restriction, so he started to undress in the living room.

      Now that Zhang Yulin, who is also an acquaintance, has been added in, the atmosphere is immediately different.

      Letting the knocker come in, Tian Yu found out that it was the owner of the restaurant Miss Tianyu, it s rare to come to my place for dinner with friends.

      Your family and friends like us all hope that you can live a relaxed and happy life.

      What s wrong Uncomfortable making your dick bigger with out pills Murong was looking at Tianchou tenderly, but when he suddenly shook his head, he quickly stopped.

      If the sale of the company cannot be completed within one month, then the 50 million target is difficult to achieve.

      Du Yuting smiled coquettishly No way If I knew it earlier, I wouldn t say it.

      Yes, but people don t pay enough attention to it on New Year s Day.

      But You Wenjie didn t take the opportunity to step down Relying on his reputation as a wandering family and his influence in Hong Kong, he expected that no one would dare to touch him.

      It didn t seem like I was at a disadvantage And Tian Yu, who came back to her senses, had already blushed, and said coquettishly, Dad What are you talking about But she was just shy, and she obviously agreed with this proposal 100 in her heart, and even praised her father The wise I m ignoring you Seeing that both of them were looking at her, Ye Tianyu blushed even more, expecting Tianqiu to do something, but also embarrassed that he would do something in front of his father.

      The two were sitting very close to each other, but Hai Ruo moved closer, so Tianchou could touch fish in the muddy water rlx male enhancement formula with his hand, but it was a public place after all, and when he dick bigger cocksleeve saw her sitting making your dick bigger with out pills upright, he quickly took out his hand.

      On the hill She squatted in does ashwaghanda make your dick bigger reddit front of Tianchou, her eyes became more complicated, her anger, annoyance, and sadness were a little less, thinking making your dick bigger with out pills of his anxious appearance running around, and seeing him in this wounded and unconscious state, she couldn t help feeling a little bit Very distressed.

      Even if it s a lie, let her continue to be happy. Who knows when you will have the opportunity to accompany her and lie to her like this in the future Boss Ye said a little seriously.

      It seems that the sneeze just now must be her masterpiece Sitting next to Hai Ruo, Cheng Huan also had a faint smile on his face, but he knew the Heaven s Enmity well, but from the depths of her eyes, he could feel a trace of helpless sadness.

      Hearing what Tianchou said, and looking at his current appearance, Murong couldn t help but said with a little disappointment God Bless, don t you think you re retreating when you get to the door Looking at Murong s clear eyes, Tian Qiu felt a little ashamed, and said in a low voice No, since I m here, I m going to go in and black panther sex pill safe see the dean, but you know how I feel right now I want to be outside Smoke a cigarette before going in, you go in first.

      All kinds of love, guilt, depression, etc. are expressed once. Cheng Huan silently listened to all his words, temporarily forgetting her hatred for him in the process.

      Hai Ruo was even more nervous than Tianchou In addition to being nervous, she is also very worried, because it is related to whether everyone can get along peacefully in the future Entering the villa, after Hai Ruo parked the car in the garage, he took Tian Qiu through the garden to the gate.

      At the same time, I was medicine to increase the size of penis a little worried, whether Hai Ruo had already left in anger I remembered that when I sent Ye Tianyu to the car just now, that girl pulled me very affectionately, and said, Don t be angry, don t think about me all day long, I will call you when something happens or something, my God If Hai Ruo was nearby and saw and heard this scene, wouldn t there be a big misunderstanding Because I told Hai Ruo in the afternoon that I have good news to tell her in making your dick bigger with out pills the evening, maybe because of this, Hai Ruo came here to wait Buy Sildenafil Online From Uk male cleavage enhancement for me after get off work, but I didn t expect to see her boyfriend being intimate with other girls People will be very angry Comparing his heart to his heart, Tianchou thought that Hai Ruo must be very angry now, and could understand her feelings.

      If you procrastinate like this, not only will you not be able her dick bigger then his to solve the problem smoothly, but you will even suffer great harm to the three of you in the end.

      Tianchou hurriedly said It s steamed male performance enhancement clinic with hot water, hehe, would you like to add a little He began to pour water over it to cover it up.

      Seeing this, Tianchou knew in his heart that it would not be a work problem, and the possibility of family problems was also very small, it must be a relationship problem In order to make her vigilant and let her tell the backlog of things in his heart, Tian Qiu felt that he had to be more ruthless, so he did not try to persuade her any more.

      His attitude was very clear, he not only supported Tianqiu s approach, but also felt that Murong s idea was reasonable.

      Zheng Xiaoqiu Tell me the news you got, I have already made an appointment for you to meet.

      A smart person like Cheng making your dick bigger with out pills Huan is usually engaged in personnel work, as long as there is a hint, she will definitely guess what s going on Both of them didn t making your dick bigger with out pills want to talk about the things that they felt male cleavage enhancement How Long Do Wicked Male Enhancement Pills Last pressured, low dose daily viagra so they started to avoid the important things and talk about some irrelevant interesting things.

      The driver was Liang Jialiang, and the place You Wenjie told making your dick bigger with out pills Stay Hard Erection Pills him to go this time was not a high end hotel or any other entertainment place, but got off at a lively street food stall.

      Even if he wanted to do something, he could only accompany him to the end.

      Don t take it so easy. If that insidious guy synthesized my profile picture on some unsightly A maps, I m afraid you will be furious when you see it.

      In Xi an, Tianchou has been keeping in touch with Xu You, and the pharmaceutical company has started to review the proposal, but after all, it is a regular large company, and they have to carefully examine the credibility of Tianyou s investment.

      Of course, after avoiding Hai Ruo for the past two days, he must make up for it now.

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