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      Gongsun apple cider vinegar weight loss pill Changqing Damn, keto blast gummies canada that s great. With the alchemy notes and the alchemy tripod, I can make alchemy Jiang Fan secretly said keto blast gummies canada happily.

      Master, do you want to follow Wu Meili Shuangtou asked at Does Taking Green Tea Supplements Aid Weight Loss keto blast gummies canada this moment.

      It keto blast gummies canada took a few keto blast gummies canada minutes. Be quiet Jiang Fan said flickeringly. You mean my wife and the others were killed L Beibi was taken aback, jumping up like a mouse whose tail had been trampled on and screamed.

      God Emperor Wu s coming is a secret in itself, and he even knows that God Emperor Li God of the White House and City Lord Huang City are coming, even they don t know this, fake It s not difficult to ask for proof, but how did he know Well, don t talk nonsense, tell me what news you have worth buying Wu Meili was full of doubts but didn t care to think about it.

      At this moment, keto blast gummies canada Jiang Fan felt a change in the Yuanshen space, and he was weight loss pills that work instantly a little puzzled and hurried to check it.

      With a soft chirping sound, the mucus actually penetrated the ten meter diameter rock, leaving The next through hole.

      When the two guards on high alert saw Jiang Fan, they hurriedly asked Li San, What s going on The big thing is not right, I want to report to the lady face to face Jiang Fan pretended to be anxious.

      This hehe, hehe Lu Beibi s face immediately looked yearning, but he didn t express his attitude and pretended to be perfunctory.

      Not many, just three Jiang Fan replied after a moment of thought.

      Well, basically Li Yingjiao replied. No wonder, miss, it s not the old man who said you, you are wrong, you go out keto blast gummies canada too little, you are too closed, and you are wearing a mask, how can people see your face, isn t this actively lose weight on a vegetarian diet isolating people Jiang Fan immediately He blamed him with a sudden look.

      Yazi, Yingjiao, then you said that the Qinglong clan came out to rob the Ziyu Palace and Haobai Palace s property, how would your father respond Jiang Fan nodded and asked tentatively.

      I understand the flaws you said, it doesn t matter, I will let the suspicion of Hongcheng city lord account for 70 of the success, and then we should go to Hongcheng Jiang Fan said with a grin and an unfathomable face.

      With a bang, the door opened, Captain Ma rushed in with someone and shouted in front of the saint, apple cider vinegar weight loss pill New Results Medical Weight Loss Protect the saint After that, more than a dozen guards rushed in and surrounded the saint, facing Jiang Fan.

      It must be instructed to find the bone of the keto blast gummies canada demon god. Damn it, it seems that the secret of the golden tripod is still very complicated.

      The butler keto blast gummies canada communicated with Li Shendi in a corner, chatting for ten minutes, Jiang Fan felt that the time was too long, and asked through voice transmission in his heart Yingjiao, there seems to be something wrong with the butler, what did your father say to you of Li Yingjiao also noticed something abnormal, looked left and right, fortunately, the people in the White House were far away, she moved towards Jiang Fan, and said in a very low voice Well, something seems wrong, father shouldn t treat the housekeeper Talk so much Father didn t say anything to me.

      As soon as Li Shendi left, Bian Taikuang, the lord of Huangcheng, immediately sent a message to call Huangcheng masters to help, and Dr Oz Best Diet Pills apple cider vinegar weight loss pill Lu Beibi was planning to tell Wu Shendi about You Shan.

      If Lu Beibi didn t keep Xiangxiang, then we will keto blast gummies canada leave Hongcheng tomorrow morning Jiang Fan seemed to feel that he had gone too far.

      The most hopeful target of Divine Master Sikong Fu is Wu Yazi from Ziyu Palace, followed by Yi Yingfeng from Aoyue Palace.

      Wu Yazi just said it casually, she didn t expect the female leader to know it so accurately, Best Diet To Lose Weight keto blast gummies canada she didn t know how to respond for a while.

      3 private room to eavesdrop and monitor, Najia soil corpse came out of the private room, came to Wu Xiaoya s private room and said Mistress, the master asked the little one to ask something What s the keto blast gummies canada matter Wu Xiaoya wondered.

      No, no, I apple cider vinegar weight loss pill New Results Medical Weight Loss m sorry, what I said was wrong, keto blast gummies canada what, let s not fight with them, let s leave and live a peaceful life, okay Seeing Jiang Fan s astonished expression, Dr Oz Best Diet Pills apple cider vinegar weight loss pill Wu Xiaoya reacted too keto blast gummies canada much Yes, he hurriedly changed his words and explained.

      It keto blast gummies canada would take at least ten minutes. I m afraid it s too late, and he will drown if he doesn t get eaten.

      Oh, how keto blast gummies canada do you say it Meng Bumiai hurriedly asked in surprise, and the Does Taking Green Tea Supplements Aid Weight Loss keto blast gummies canada saint stared closely at Jiang Fan in astonishment as if she saw hope.

      Youguang had already hit three of them, ah The Najia earth corpse rolled all over the ground and howled miserably.

      How to lose weight fast without exercising or pills?

      Well, very good, then let s continue the experiment step by step.

      You have no money, why are you still eating and drinking here without money What about the fine jade that fell from your waist Your outfit is expensive Lu Beibi suddenly looked at Jiang Fan and questioned road.

      They jumped into the water keto blast gummies canada to wait for Jiang Fan s order to cooperate.

      Yes, butler, I promised Zhu Ren to pick something, let him in Li Yingjiao keto blast gummies canada raven symone keto gummies hurriedly said.

      Things are getting underway In terms of expanding strength, in the past two days, through the attraction of sacred symbols and high salaries, we have carefully selected dozens of unsightly, relatively poor and unhappy masters of the spiritual realm of the gods and spirits for training, and we will choose when they are about the same Yan Shuai paused and said again.

      Yan can keto blast gummies canada temper and forge a high grade talisman artifact. The colorless heaven and earth liquid flame can temper and forge the best talisman artifact, but the heaven and earth liquid orlistat xenical 120 mg price flame turns into a black flame, which is keto blast gummies canada the highest level, and can be tempered and forged to produce the divine talisman integrated medical weight loss reviews artifact.

      Oh, it s no wonder that the old guy Sikong Fu was chased and killed, and he could temporarily trap them with formations before fleeing into the keto blast gummies canada lonely and dark land Jiang Fan understood, and he was determined.

      Quesmy Diet Pill

      The battle among the beasts in the water naturally attracted the attention of the dam care team, and they all came out to watch, when they found the water lizard and iron armored beast rushing towards the gate of the dam.

      The Red keto blast gummies canada Migraine Medication Weight Loss Rock Lin Beast opened its mouth wide again, and rushed towards Bian Taikuang, spraying out a scarlet flame with a length of more than 20 meters and sweeping away in dr oz show lose weight fast a wide range.

      Damn, Yan Shuai, it s strong weight loss pills over the counter great that you still have this hobby, the master is keto blast gummies canada not interested in lose weight in buttocks and thighs fast you, but I, an idiot, actually have a crush on you, especially your sexy ass, it must be cool to explode, you How about thinking about me as an idiot Najia Zombie suggested wretchedly.

      Right now, the Fushen Realm s crafting and alchemy are relatively withered.

      The reason why I care about Fushen Realm is purely because I want to help my father.

      Trust them. Huang Fu and Zhao Hui had already selected 300 well qualified and strong people from Does Taking Green Tea Supplements Aid Weight Loss keto blast gummies canada the Giant God Clan to enter the practice field where time and space were accelerated to 300 years in one hour, and 30 well qualified people had reached the level of Fushen.

      I will go soon, and I will come back when I find something. It s not that I won t take you there.

      I will come to pick you up when it is arranged keto blast gummies canada keto blast gummies canada Jiang Fan told after finishing the matter.

      That weapon is keto blast gummies canada a strange kind of stone. It is processed and polished from a weirder black lacquered rock and a magma like thing in a small hot pit.

      Medical Weight Loss El Paso Tx

      Jiang Fan didn t want to hear these details, he just wanted to know the result, so he waved his hand and interrupted.

      Come and beat this guy out for Miss Ben At this time Yuwen Yesha weight loss acne pill lost his medical weight loss pills that work temper, and shouted angrily regardless.

      Brothers, this old man will not pretend to be the city lord s father, right If so, we will all be fooled A guard suddenly said in keto blast gummies canada surprise.

      The master is a good person, and without him as a matchmaker, it would be impossible to know Jiang Fan.

      Didn t they extort the confidentiality fee Why did they give the money instead.

      smiled faintly. How could I be his relative My surname is Wu and his surname is Lu.

      If it is true, I plan to develop this business Jiang Fan made up.

      Fast Weight Loss 100 Pounds

      Jiang Fan knew that You Shan must be judging whether he could trust him or not, and apple cider vinegar weight loss pill New Results Medical Weight Loss he didn t want to wait any longer, and said, Youshen King, look at this again He took out the Nine Eyed Spirit Bead, pinched it with two fingers and handed it to You Shan.

      Master, look quickly, there seems to be something wrong with the pulp At this moment, Jumbo suddenly exclaimed.

      How can I use the banner of the Giant God Clan Jiang Fan knocked a chestnut in displeasure and reprimanded.

      Uh, that keto blast gummies canada Migraine Medication Weight Loss s not right, idiot, how can I end up with the Red Rock Lin Beast Huang Chengcheng mainly keeps chasing the Red Rock Lin Beast, diet pills really work and let the city guards besiege it.

      Jiang Fan was overjoyed, and faintly felt the sign that he was about to break through and enter the middle stage of the King of Talismans.

      It would take some time to come here. Jiang Fan s heart moved, it is not easy to be unfavorable to her, what do you mean She guessed that she was so confident that she had the power of a god king.

      Why is there no one in this place Wu Yazi asked with a hint at this time, her eyes fixed on Jiang Fan full of doubts and a hint of dissatisfaction.

      They are asking me Can we forcefully break through Jiang Fan replied.

      Damn, the fish really has a runny nose The light yellow liquid flowing from the four nostrils of the fish flowed onto the map.

      This is a big deal Then Jiang Fan made a perfunctory excuse. Yeah, old man, you are such a good man Xiangxiang is also very smart.

      Meng Bumei was said how to get skinny and lose weight fast to be embarrassed by the central thought and laughed a few times, a little embarrassed, the saint was also nervous, a pair of beautiful watery eyes stared round, and many people approached Jiang Fan, it seemed that something was wrong and he had to rescue him.

      In order to surprise Li Shendi, he took some people there quietly.

      Sister Xiaoya, don t get excited, you just trust Wu Meili so much, you can t be relatives Jiang Fan was very surprised, Wu Xiaoya s emotions seemed to be out of control at this time, and he asked suddenly.

      It was very exciting for several people keto blast gummies canada Migraine Medication Weight Loss to jump up and down. After Jiang Fan told them for a while, they let them out of the world of spells.

      Wu Yazi and Li Yingjiao immediately followed, and after hiding behind a big tree to block the guards sight, Jiang Fan immediately garcinia cambogia 75 hca extract slimming patches weight loss supplement grabbed the hands of the two women and smiled, It seems that your atmosphere is not right, what s the matter Very indifferent, this is not a good thing, so I had to take the initiative to ask.

      Damn, such a thick tree was shot through Soon Jiang Fan saw a few tiny holes in the tree, and was surprised when he looked at the tree again.

      They were all bloody and dying, looking miserable. Brother Fan, why are you here Does Taking Green Tea Supplements Aid Weight Loss keto blast gummies canada A guard asked Jiang Fan politely.

      Damn, the patriarch s order is a good thing, which basically means that he has taken the third place in keto blast gummies canada the Mengcheng pros and cons of prescription weight loss pills area, and the old man Meng really paid for it Jiang Fan was overjoyed, but he was not overjoyed either, and asked calmly, Then how can I give you confidence It s very simple, you have to let me know your exact identity, and seeing your true strength, you will really attack the enemy Meng Bumie demanded keto blast gummies canada politely.

      It is good to go every year, otherwise it is easy to get lost, so the route also changes with time.

      Hey, it s okay, it won t be leaked, that secret room is actually empty, there is nothing inside, the secret is underground, and it s very special, it s hard to detect under normal circumstances Meng Bumie said proudly.

      Oh, no wonder the Monk clan has never produced a saint before, but recently there has keto blast gummies canada been a saint.

      The data of jade flower stones was reported by Dr Oz Best Diet Pills apple cider vinegar weight loss pill the housekeeper.

      I happened to meet the person who gave the money. I m lucky. I really didn t notice this at the moment Being reminded, he said in embarrassment.

      road. Wu Yazi and Li Yingjiao thought about it and thought it made sense, and immediately started sending messages, while Jiang Fan was looking for a place to place the two women in the world of spells.

      Really, if you get the solution to the secret of the golden cauldron, you may become the overlord of the Fushen Realm Jiang Fan saw that neither of them hesitated at all, and was very satisfied, but he still reminded him tentatively.

      Jiang Fan immediately took out 100,000 jade flower stones and handed them to Lu Beibi.

      Jiang Fan naturally wanted to keto blast gummies canada Migraine Medication Weight Loss go, and immediately took the Najia earth corpse and was surrounded by giant gods.

      I eavesdropped on the conversation between the city lord of Huangcheng keto blast gummies canada and several keto blast gummies canada guard leaders, and then I noticed that we ignored a huge problem.

      Lord Li Shendi, I will do my best. Of course, as Lord Wu Shendi said, I can only do what I have to do.

      It s really a furnace used for refining, master, it s all right now, You Shan was knocked down by you, and the furnace is also in your hands.

      Generally, apple cider vinegar weight loss pill the top leaders of the major forces basically have talents in refining weapons, but they are not very useful just for decoration.

      Wow, master, you have made a lot of money. With a set of relics, you have taken back the entire giant god clan as servants The Najia soil corpse was also shocked, dancing with joy.

      Besides, you think you can protect the Holy Maiden with so many people No brains Jiang Fan scolded displeasedly.

      You know me Li Yingjiao asked in surprise, she stared at ivanka trump weight loss Wu Xiaoya with wide eyes and tried her best to remember, but she still didn t know me.

      Are you Lu Beibi s woman, Wu Meili Jiang Fan frowned slightly and asked in apple cider vinegar weight loss pill New Results Medical Weight Loss a calm manner.

      The City Lord Lu Beibi is looking for you Why is he looking for you Li Yingjiao was a little embarrassed for a moment, she guessed wrong, but she was fda approval weight loss pill that realy work even more surprised, Jiang Fan is not the City keto blast gummies canada Lord s person, and the City Lord seems to have no reason to look for him.

      If the concave and convex pattern on the round metal cover at the bottom of the river was touched incorrectly, a hidden weapon would appear, so he did not dare to try it.

      Have you taken Fushen Pill to maintain your vitality Jiang Fan asked with a frown after feeling his pulse for a few seconds.

      How long does it take to lose weight by not eating?

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      Oh, how can it help you Jiang Fan asked in surprise and curiosity.

      Uh, Yan Shuai, I don t need to talk about this for the time being.

      You successfully seduced the city lord to go to bed, and I will reward you with 50,000 jade and flower stones.

      He found a painting hanging on the side of the bedside table.

      Jiang Fan used the Dr Oz Best Diet Pills apple cider vinegar weight loss pill blade of space to kill one of the two guards at the gate of the small courtyard, but the other was seriously injured and left alive.

      It refers keto blast gummies canada to other things, not your father s fight Jiang Fan argued with a smile.

      Uh, no, no, don t get me wrong, I am, what am I, it s surprise, yes, surprise Jiang Fan was sweating wildly, and hurriedly hesitated to defend.

      The patriarch is the absolute authority, and only the saint can come forward unless there is a major mistake Meng Bumie then explained.

      Stupid, how is your cultivation Have you made a breakthrough Jiang Fan asked with a apple cider vinegar weight loss pill New Results Medical Weight Loss straight face without answering.

      Li Yingjiao has been silent since she got on the talisman beast car, feeling unhappy when she heard the words, she said angrily Sister Yazi, don t worry about me, think about what your father will do when the warehouse in Ziyu Palace is emptied.

      Why, I m sorry. It s nothing to be a good sister in the family.

      Uh, we ll find out if we capture that wicked woman Wu Meili and ask her Najia Tu Zombie looked at the map and was immediately discouraged.

      Stop it What do we need to stop Wu Yazi and Li Yingjiao said in amazement at keto blast gummies canada the same time.

      Jiang Fan smiled and didn t say anything. This question is a little keto blast gummies canada Migraine Medication Weight Loss deep, and it s hard to explain and he doesn t have the heart to explain it.

      This is a treasure Mao San subconsciously took a look and said keto blast gummies canada in surprise.

      Jiang Fan immediately gave up, only the next time he had a chance to practice spiritual keto blast gummies canada power, he immediately keto blast gummies canada came to the practice field, and when the Najia earth corpse saw Jiang Fan, he laughed and said Master, the little one has fulfilled the mission, and the little MindMaster keto blast gummies canada one is finally following the master s corresponding achievement.

      It should be the same. It is like going to the Artifact Temple on Kama Mountain.

      It was very excited, and it had been a long time since they had a good fight.

      The mist turned red, and grabbed the teapot on the table and slammed it at Jiang Fan.

      Uh, no, of course I care, so I ll just take a look Jiang Fan was ashamed when asked, what the hell is going on with me, isn t keto blast gummies canada Migraine Medication Weight Loss it clear that I m taking advantage of him, why is he so timid, and immediately Too lazy to think so much.

      She hugged Jiang Fan s waist tightly with both hands, and shook her head vigorously, her eyes were already red, showing a look of reluctance.

      Both Wu Yazi and Li Yingjiao saw Jiang Fan at this time, and they were very excited and pleasantly surprised, but it is difficult for so many people to make any intimacy in public, Li Yingjiao immediately shouted to the guards who brought keto blast gummies canada her Don t be rude, this is the original Ladies and gentlemen, you all step back and go aside Wu Yazi also shouted back the guards here, Jiang Fan didn t care about the rudeness of those guards, stepped forward to the middle of the two women and said with a soft Best Diet To Lose Weight keto blast gummies canada smile Hi, ladies, do you miss me Tch, the ghost misses you, old man Wu Yazi said coquettishly, looking at the old man Jiang Fan s face very funny.

      Okay, the small one will definitely not let you down. In this way, five days is the limit, and ten days is the limit.

      As soon as Wu Meili let go, Lu Beibi, who had a bruised nose and a swollen face from being beaten by the soles of the shoes, keto blast gummies canada was greatly relieved.

      Then what should I do Am I really going to fight Li Yingjiao Wu Yazi frowned knowing that Jiang Fan was being sarcastic, but she didn t care about it at this time, and asked with a depressed face.

      When the time comes Didn t I drop everything Jiang Fan asked back.

      Jiang Fan reached out to grab the fish, and was about to touch the fish.

      There will be a moment of opportunity in a cycle of 100,000 years in the Artifact Temple.

      The wooden handle of the spear will be burned if the oil fire burns, and the remaining keto blast gummies canada spear tip must be retrieved, and the dead guards Members, those sigils should be taken away as much as keto blast gummies canada possible, at least they are valuable.

      It keto blast gummies canada was enough keto blast gummies canada to use the spirit gathering cauldron of You Shan, and the spirit gathering cauldron could be used to refine the top grade talisman keto blast gummies canada artifact.

      The ten concealed weapons of the giant god tribe s holy stone arrows immediately keto blast gummies canada intermittent fasting for female weight loss spread out keto blast gummies canada to meet them.

      After thinking about it, Jiang Fan finally made a decision to absorb the talisman of the King of Talismans.

      It turned out that the mysterious man was hired by his father.

      Made it This time we robbed so much property and didn t go out of the city.

      Unfolded there, with six heads connected at the end. Six in one, the primordial spirit comes out of the body The double headed split body beast screamed again, and the six heads were squeezed together in an instant, and soon turned into a weird head with lumps, twelve eyes and one mouth, and the primordial spirit keto blast gummies canada emerged from the head Exudation hangs above the head with flashing fluorescent lights and rising heat.

      She said sorry, she keto blast gummies canada shouldn t call you shameless and shameless, I hope you can forgive her, of course, if you don t forgive, you can beat and scold her, if I agree to have her, but you don t agree, she can beg you, kneel I beg you Jiang Fan said sadly.

      I don t know, but I ll find out soon Jiang Fan replied, carefully observing the surroundings for a while to make sure there were no people and any abnormalities, and then he took out two boxes from the world of spells.

      It s only used in a small area. Just ensure the safety of the people who use the venom keto blast gummies canada Jiang Fan taught.

      For example, Lao Tzu, even if the city lord and his wife lose their minds and go crazy, it s useless for you to attack me, at most kill me, and I can keto blast gummies canada t help you find other people Jiang Fan changed the subject.

      It keto blast gummies canada s a little small. How keto blast gummies canada about I call Yang Jian, Monkey King, Nezha, and Jiang Xiaoxie to act together Then Jiang Fan said.

      Hearing the sound, they hurried to the backyard to fight the fire.

      Although Yu er has a bad attitude, Jiang Fan doesn t care about it.

      And holding the token has the right to mobilize 2,000 Monk guards.

      It is better to use intimidation first to see the effect, maybe Can hold them down.

      Uh, of course not. It s just that Elder Yuwen is very powerful in the clan.

      Li Yingjiao s privacy. You are so stubborn that I had no choice but to show it Jiang Fan keto blast gummies canada pretended to be distressed and said as a last resort, took out his bellyband and shook it open for him to see.

      It s a big deal, and it keto blast gummies canada s related to the whole Hongcheng deal Business is a big deal that affects the entire city of Hongcheng Old friend, you are keto blast gummies canada Migraine Medication Weight Loss the old friend of the city lord.

      Shameless fox, you are very good at pulling out pus, right Very good, I will let you live in a pigsty and pull out pus a hundred times a day Suddenly a sharp and extremely angry voice sounded.

      Jiang Fan and the Najia earth corpse hurriedly looked up and were surprised.

      Although he had the power of talismans, there were so many talismans in the realm of talismans that his father might not be interested.

      The aquatic plants keto blast gummies canada that he passed before were ordinary and green and relatively thin, while the aquatic plants in this underwater area were large.

      Start to spread out. Okay, Brother Fan is finally here, and he brought a keto blast gummies canada hundred people with him.

      What is depressing is that Meng Bumie, the patriarch of the Monk clan, was not tempted by any temptation.

      It makes sense to look for it and not find it. Jiang Fan deliberately slowed down the speed of keto blast gummies canada rushing out of the coverage area of the underwater rattan monster.

      Come on, master, the little one will use his full strength in the mid term of the Talisman Demon King, let s see what the result is Najia Zombie asked proactively, full of confidence.

      There were three miserable howls, but the three of them staggered back a few steps, one of them fell, and two of them leaned against the tree, with egg sized lumps appearing on their heads, none of them were knocked out.

      By the way, my lord, my organization has sent people to take over apple fast diet lose weight your properties and properties Jiang Fan reminded.

      Saint, of course I have a seed. If I don t run keto blast gummies canada away, I will leave it to you.

      Jiang Fan came to the rocky mountain behind and took a look. Sure enough, the work was in full swing.

      No, of course not, then please trouble sister Ma Seeing that she couldn t refuse, Wu Yazi hurriedly agreed.

      Now he believed it, and sure enough, the outside knew everything that happened inside.

      Now the Tu tribe has fled back to the mountains. Jiang Fan replied simply.

      Why, don t you care This is not a good sign Li Yingjiao said in surprise.

      Uh, hehe, what did the Does Vitamin D Supplement Help Weight Loss old man say Let s trade to get what we need.

      The Holy Mother s Stone Where is it Jiang Fan asked in a daze.

      The soul splitting gun in the hands of the Najia earth corpse danced, and began to dig the soil cautiously, and soon dug a pit nearly two meters deep one meter outside the pit, stopped and said Master, it really doesn t seem to be some magma underneath Jiang Fan stepped forward to see that the bottom of the pit was just ordinary mud and rocks, lose weight fast healthy breakfast nodded and smiled, Well, I said it s not the underground magma coming out, if the magma is really coming out, then this territory can t be a paradise where birds are singing and flowers are fragrant, The whole territory will definitely be keto blast gummies canada very hot Stupid, keep digging, dig around this pit, and dig one meter deeper Jiang Fan instructed after thinking for a while.

      Well, okay, then hurry up Jiang Fan said in a hurry, eager to see where Wu Meili went and what happened to You Shan.

      This is what I have always done Jiang Fan replied, laughing in his heart, there is one, and it should be said that in the future, it must be an enemy of the three major forces.

      Thank you for your hard work. I want to reward you well. Let s do some exercise that is good for your body and mind today.

      Master, I can t control much of the matter now, let s be honest, the reason why Wu Meili caused the flood is I believe that God Emperor Wu should believe that Wu Meili hid the god king Youshan to seize the seal of the god king Lu Beibi immediately stopped concealing everything and came out.

      No, I want you to seduce him and fascinate him, so you can be his woman Jiang Fan laughed.

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