Megametal is an established & leading waste management & recycling company. Megametal exports a wide range of recyclable materials to processing plants & trading houses from all over the world including USA, UK, China, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, among others.


Metal Scrapping

Inventory tracking is extremely complex in this industry. All metals collected will be processed into multiple sub-components that differ from their original state. For example, 1 ton of metal collected, when processed could be broken down into multiple metals like stainless steel, lead, zinc, nickel. Since inputs & outputs are so different, management had difficulties tracking which inventory was in stock & which was sold.

Point of purchase between Megametal & supplier was done through pen-paper.

We went through their entire operations & built a robust solution that can accurately account for their inventory, while also removing any manual process out of the way. In addition, we developed a simple vendor management platform that helps management seamlessly transact with their suppliers digitally.  

Web-based portal
Real-time inventory tracking
Understand which stocks are available & which have been sold accurately
Mobile application
Point of purchase App that helps them transact with their suppliers digitally, reducing the need for unnecessary paperwork

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